Serious questions have been asked about Julia Gillard’s involvement in a rip off from the AWU of over a million dollars in the early 90’s. They’ve come up againagain and again

The story is now in serial form with part 1 and part 2 and like the Martians in War of the Worlds, still they come.  An affidavit has been posted here and there is sure to be more.

There have been casualties as braver mainstream journos put it out there.  Glen Milne and Michael Smith have both lost jobs trying to raise interest in the story but today it’s in The Australian again.

 David Flint has his say:


But for me, this sordid tale goes far deeper than the present Prime Minister.  The AWU has long been a Labor Party powerbroker and indeed governments across this country are stacked with ex AWU personalities waiting for their golden handshakes.  IMHO the big problem for all involved is that in attempting to sanitise  things they’ve created a modern day Hydra which savages them mercilessly on so many fronts that defences constructed over decades are now worthless.

When Parliament returns from the Winter Recess you can guarantee it will be interesting!