Marxist “Babes in the Woods”

I’m reading about a demo on October 15. Reading through their agenda ….they seem to be confused, muddled, contradicting themselves and not in the know with how basic things work. They seem to be ” Marxist Babes in the Woods”….. Sadly  and disturbingly there’s also some of the old ‘blame it on the Jews’ mentality there.  They are blaming the big banks on what happened in Ireland and Greece. They just  don’t get it. It’s not the banks fault that they lend money. It’s what banks do.

Try blaming the Irish and Greek governments. They actually run those countries, made the policies and ran up the debt that’s crippling them.

There are some legitimate gripes in there but then they go on with some more radical agendas.

This from their pages,

This is a country where a few multi-national mining companies orchestrated the sacking of a serving Prime Minister to avoid the paying a mining tax. BHP recently announced a profit of $22 billion dollars.

 To that I say huh? Unless there’s proof money changed hands with the members of the Labor Party who voted to remove Rudd I will put it down to Labor seeing Rudd as a train wreck and doing their best to save their party by getting rid of him.


  • ·  This is a country where our climate change policy includes compensating the worst and biggest corporate polluters billions of dollars.


No, this is a country where climate change is misrepresented like the rest of the world.


And the government talks about compensating the families that are hardest hit by a price on carbon and this group don’t actually tell us where they stand on a carbon price.


I suspect they are being vague about it because they support a carbon price but don’t want to say it out right because they know most of Australia is against it.


  • ·  This is a country where the cost of housing is out of reach for so many people in both the rental and private markets, whilst large developers, banks and speculators make billions in profits.


Yep, housing is out of reach for many people but not too many otherwise no one would be buying or renting.


  • ·  This is a country where the cost of living continues to rise as people pay more and more for their basic utilities as private corporations rake in profits in the electricity, gas and telecommunications sectors.


A legitimate issue for many people. That will attract people. Once they are there this group can try and sell them on the other issues. Maybe they’ll suggest that all the issues here go hand in hand.


  • ·  This is a country that is still at war,10 years after invading Afghanistan despite the majority of Australians opposing the war.


Don’t know where they get that figure from, a lot of people don’t like the war but realise that there are terrorist groups that have to be stopped.


  • ·  This is a country where the suppression of workers rights continues under both the Federal ALP and Coalition and where wages for ordinary people continue to stagnate.


Again, a legitimate issue for many people. That will attract people. Once they are there this group can try and sell them on the other issues. Maybe they’ll suggest that all the issues here go hand in hand.


If they want to talk about the suppression of workers’ rights they should mention the unions’ part in it. Unions are doing everything else but what their membership pays them for.


  • ·  This is a country where the environment whether it be in the Kimberleys or the forests of NSW, Victoria or Tasmania is constantly sacrificed on the altar of corporate profits


So where are the Greens? Don’t hear much from them on this do we?


  • ·  This is a country where Indigenous people are still being oppressed and subject to assimiliationist policies so mining companies can access the resources on their land


No comment due to the Bolt ruling.


  • ·  This is a country where education is increasingly expensive and user-pays as students have to work harder and accrue massive debts.


It’s debateable whether the taxpayer should provide some support to university students but why shouldn’t the students contribute to it? Why should everyone else support these people who will then get their degrees and diplomas and then make large sums of money for the rest of their working lives? If taxpayers shouldn’t be supporting rich corporations and the corporations should give something back then they shouldn’t be supporting those who are about to get rich.


  • ·  This is a country where both major parties seek to divide us from the real problems we face and turn our anger on defenceless asylum seekers who we lock up in gulags.


Look who’s trying to divide us from the real problems. And people aren’t turning their anger on asylum seekers. When times are good there is still a large amount of opposition to asylum seekers because many see them as illegal immigrants who are trying to undermine the security of this country or trying to jump the queue.


And since when are the five star hotels many get housed in considered gulags?

This appears to me to be a recruiting program by the extreme left and also to distract from what’s really going on.


The groups occupying Wall Street were hijacked by the extreme left or even established by the extreme left, while many were protesting against what they saw as an unequal distribution of wealth it has been hijacked by elements calling for things such as open borders which is an ideal repugnant too many people in America.


Speculation is that the demos are funded by George Soros and if this is true then more than likely the left wing group GetUp are involved.


GetUp are pushing left wing agendas such as global warming scaremongering, a carbon dioxide price, same sex marriage and the release of illegal refugees. Pretty much what this protest is about, the vagueness of there position on the carbon price could suggest it. GetUp are very pro carbon price and they won’t get too many people if they say they are pro carbon price.


From the GetUp website: “GetUp does not back any particular party, but aims to build an accountable and progressive Parliament – a Parliament with economic fairness, social justice and environment at its core.”


“GetUp is a not-for-profit and receives no money from any political party or the government. We rely solely on funds and in-kind donations from the Australian public.”


It turns out the union movement has emerged as a key financial backer of the advocacy group GetUp!, with six unions pouring in more than a million dollars into its election purse within three weeks.


GetUp splashed nearly $1.5 million on TV advertising meaning the unions have supplied two-thirds of its advertising budget.


The organisation’s director, Simon Sheikh, refused to name the six unions yesterday, saying they wanted their identities kept secret until after donor returns are filed with the Australian Electoral Commission.


And very likely they didn’t want the union members whose membership fees contributed to the donations to find out until it was too late.


No money from any political party, but plenty from the Labor Party’s chief donors.


And the unions are very pro refugee and carbon price despite what their members think.


So to everyone going on October 15, go and protest, feel good about yourself and achieve absolutely nothing of value for the country.


Peter P.