I’ve got a lot of mates out bush and the Convoy of no confidence will have Australia’s worst government

in history quaking in its boots as it inevitably gathers momentum.

I’d like to be there myself so will be offering my HR licence to drive a truck down.

The Convoy of no confidence is amassing towards Canberra

Something beautiful is unfolding. From all over Australia, people whose businesses and jobs are being driven into the ground by spectacular government mismanagement are gathering to drive from the corners of the continent to converge on Canberra to demand an election.


Cars, utes and semitrailers are descending on Canberra from all over the country

The productive class may not have easy rent-a-crowds for rallies and chirpy letter campaigns, but they have something that the keen teens do not — they have capital assets — in this case, assets that move.

When it’s obvious money and choices are being poured down a bottomless well, people are prepared to go that extra mile, or in this case the extra 4,000.*

It started with Mick Pattel –  a livestock transporter from North West Queensland — who suffered a 50 percent drop in business when the Federal Government banned live exports to Indonesia. According to Beef Central he declared that the time has come for a re-election. The owner/driver from Richmond, who also serves as president of the National Road Freighters Association, started planning a protest convoy to drive from northern Australia to the lawns of Parliament House in August.

“He hopes to generate enough support and media attention via the “vote of no confidence” convoy to convince the Governor General to dissolve the parliament or to convince Julia Gillard to go back to the polls. “

The central planning for the Convoy is at Just Grounds, though facebook sites have sprung up to feed into it too. Organisers appear to have been astounded by the demand and with so many cars and trucks wanting to join up they are changing plans, adding convoys, and even splitting some convoys to cover different routes. Some people are travelling out to the far reaches so they can join the convoys from the start.

For preliminary dates: See below.

Convoy number 1. Please put BROWN balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

Peter Whytcross is your leader 0427025591

16th of August Port Hedland WA to Halls Creek WA

17th August Halls Creek WA to Katherine NT

Please note People from Darwin are to travel down to Katherine this day 17th of August.

18th Katherine NT to Mt Isa Qld

19th Mt Isa Qld to Blackall Qld

20th Blackall Qld to Bourke NSW

21st August Bourke NSW to Hall NSW

22nd August Hall NSW to Canberra

Convoy number 2.Please put PINK balloon/ streamers to show your convoy.

Darryl  Pederson 0418450641

18th August Atherton /Cairns Qld to Charters Towers via T/ville Qld

19th August Charters Towers  Qld to Injune Qld

20th August Injune Qld to Coonamble NSW

21st August Coonamble Qld to Murrumbateman NSW

22nd August Murrumbateman NSW to Canberra

Convoy number 3. Please put LIGHT BLUE balloon/ streamers to show your convoy.

Tony  Hopkins 0419600560

20th August Rockhampton Qld to Goondiwindi Qld

21st August Goondiwindi Qld to Yass / via Dubbo NSW

22nd August Yass NSW to Canberra

Convoys from Brisbane. Please note there are 2.

Brisbane Convoy 4 Please put Yellow balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

Russ Martin is your leader 0428370098

20th August Brisbane / Rocklea Qld  to Tamworth NSW (Via Warwick)

21st August Tamworth NSW to Coonabarabran to Dubbo to Yass NSW

22nd August Yass NSW to Canberra

Brisbane Convoy 5 Please put WHITE balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

Your leader is Ken Wilkie 0427742554

20th August Brisbane Qld to Wyong (Beresfield ) NSW

21st August Wyong / Beresfield feed in NSW to running through Sydney to Goulburn.

22nd August Goulburn to Canberra

Convoy number 6. Please put ORANGE balloon/ streamers to show your convoy.

Convoy leader to be advised

18th August Perth WA to Norseman WA

19th Norseman WA to Penong WA

20th Penong SA to  Renmark SA

21th August Renmark SA to Coolac NSW

22nd Coolac NSW to Canberra

Convoy number 7.Please put PURPLE balloon / streamers to show your convoy.

Convoy leader to be announced

20th August, Midday start, Adelaide to Mildura Vic

21st Mildura Vic  to Harden (via Griffith / Temora)

22nd Harden into Canberra

Convoy number 8.Please put RED balloon /streamers to show your convoy.

Your Convoy leader Mr Noel  Porter 0427285216

21st August Colac  Vic to Coolac NSW (via Geelong / Melbourne / Albury)

22nd Coolac NSW to Canberra.

Convoy number 9. Your colour is GREY

Your convoy leader to be announced.

21st August Warragul Vic to Cooma (via Orbost /Bombala)

22nd Cooma to Canberra

Convoy number 10. Please put Black balloon / streamers to show your convoy.

Your Convoy leader to be announced.

21st August Mildura Vic to Harden NSW via Griffith / Temora

22nd Harden NSW to Canberra

Convoy number 11. Please put DARK BLUE balloon / streamers to show your convoy.

Your Convoy leader is Rick  Finning. 0428510101

21st August Bendigo to Harden (via Echuca / Jerilderie / Wagga / Junee)

22nd Harden to Canberra


See Just Grounds for the details.

MAP: Thanks to MapsGet for the map image I added the paths too.

* It would be 5,000-6,000 km from Port Hedland to Canberra. That’s some serious driving.

H/t to Cate, Peggy, Peter, Gregory and others :-)

The short killer summary: The Skeptics Handbook.

The most deadly point: The Missing Hot Spot.

Best regards
Aussie Pete