The Gillard Govt, while it is finding itself under attack yet again, decided to reintroduce the word Multiculturalism to Australian politics.

It seems to me that Multiculturalism is yet another campaign to diminish the moral status of Australia by defining the Aussie experience through a myriad of repressions and their victims.  It is just a term using name calling (sexist!, Racist!, Homophobe! Etc) to inhibit debate, a multicultural renewal of terms, do nothing, except cultivate grievances, self Pity, and claims to entitlements arising from perceived victimization.  The dictionary defines it The dictionary defines it  as  the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities  within a unified society, as a state or nation, or the policy of maintaining a diversity of ethnic cultures within a community.  A quote from Joyce Appleby says;

“It is important to note that multiculturalism does not share the postmodernist stance. Its passions are political; its assumptions empirical; its conception of identities visceral. For it, there is no doubting that history is something that happened and that those happenings have left their mark within our collective consciousness. History for multiculturalists is not a succession of dissolving texts, but a tense tangle of past actions that have reshaped the landscape, distributed the nation’s wealth, established boundaries, engendered prejudices, and unleashed energies.”

So why is this tem being rehashed yet again?  It seems it is a vague attempt to justify their failure to find a solution to the boats arriving on our door step.  So they can yet again throw insults at anyone that stands against their policy, so they can create smokescreens to other things they are wasting our money on, this is the tactics this Govt. uses, and it seems obvious this is why they are rehashing this term once again  

I came to Australia when I was 8.  I have travelled almost all of Australia, lived on Aboriginal Communities, I have captured snakes, caught crocodiles,joined the RAAF, and always fight for the underdog who has done nothing wrong, I am an Australian through and through in my opinion.  My mates are from so many diverse backgrounds I couldn’t name them all, and even at school my best mates, were from Malta, UK, Australia, Poland, Greece, Italy, and Sri Lanka, but the one thing we all were were true blue Aussies. It never mattered the nationality the culture nor the colour of anyone.  We just were us, we never needed a second word to explain who we should be, The term ‘Aussie’ meant we feared no culture, colour, race, or religion.  For if they were Aussies then they were ok.  The emigrants, were no issue as long as they fitted in, but if they didn’t, THEY were the losers, for they never learnt that prejudice does not exist to Aussies, it only exists in those that, bring it with them.

 I thought when the Vietnamese influx began, this would change, for the war was so raw to many, but although, the majority lived in segregated communities, we found their work ethic, was admirable, and they became a part of our modern history.  Unfortunately the current generation has had a gang mentality forming, and some have shamed their families and all Australians by gang fighting, and other illegal activities. This of course is far from restricted to Vietnamese and is only mentioned as I am currently discussing the Vietnamese community.

 Now the current influx seems to be dominated by people of Islamic beliefs.  These people are by far more different than others we have dealt with in belief and in culture and their own cause is being hurt by the extremist element within the Islamic Community.  As for Asylum seekers regardless of where they come from they are welcomed by Australians, if they are willing to go through the right channels and take their chance like the many already waiting for a chance of a new life.  It is for this reason these Illegal Entry Vessels and those that try to enter Australia dictating the terms need to be refused entry, processed offshore and returned where they come from.

 Aussies embrace people from other cultures and races, regardless of their colour, so when an Australian Government has the effrontery to use this term Multiculturalism to justify their own failures, they are yet again showing they have no idea what it is to be Australian, nor do they how to behave like a True Blue Aussie, and just accept the people who are here to adopt Australia as their home and learn to be Aussies.