It’s really hotting up now and nothing to do with global warming!

Michael Smith – a commentator courageous enough to put his job on the line – says that the authorities were deceived about the purpose of the sham not-for-profit entity, the “AWU Workplace Reform Association”, which Julia Gillard set up for her boyfriend Bruce Wilson as well as Ralph Blewitt – the relevant document can be seen in this video.

Following on CANdo’s recent explosive video interviews, Michael Smith refers to revelations in The Australian by a former law firm partner, including one that Ms. Gillard knew the fund was to ensure the re-election of union bosses – a “slush fund”.

There are “hard questions” which Michael Smith says the Prime Minister must now answer.

But contrary to the Prime Minister’s repeated claims, not one of the answers is on the public record.

These include the potential conflict of interest in acting for the two men and the AWU, that the AWU was unaware of the formation of the sham entity, that it was used for illicit purposes which included the purchase and renovation of a house on which Julia Gillard’s firm acted without charge and provided a mortgage, and that the balance of the purchase price for the house was provided, not by a bank cheque as requested, but by a cheque from the sham entity in clear breach of its rules.

Distancing himself from rumour and innuendo by some internet bloggers, he stressed that everything he was saying was supported by clear evidence, and had been vetted by expert lawyers.

Surely this can’t go on much longer…