This needs to be addressed.

10 years to connect the bush to an imperative business tool is unacceptable. The cost of this project, will increase as the cost of resources does, leaving a big hole in the budget for future generations.

Copper prices are set to skyrocket along with silver, and without these two resources, you don’t have fibre-optic cable! These resources are trended to increase in price by at least 300% over the next 12 months (imagine ten years). This is NOT my opinion, this is based on credible trends forcasters who have been great scholars of history, and can plainly see a volotile economic period being entered into, to wit, no government will escape unscathed.

By the time the bush is connected to the net, the Chinese will own all our farms, and the government will be selling off water rights to more foreign investors rather than allowing our farmers to use the only natural resource that means anything to humanity, freely, ie, water!

The Gillard government has no economic backbone, and no clue when it comes to the best interests of this nation. China already owns 80% of the worlds resources. The USA is in hock $13+ trillion to countries such as China, who are now selling off their US bonds at a record level in anticipation of the removal of the dollar as the world standard currency. Venezuala has just granted Chavez dictatorial powers, and Russia is manipulating Europes energy supplies consistantly…….. where does all this leave Australian exporters, and more importantly, Australian consumers?????

NSW Gov’t sells off the power grid to foreign companies, yet the citizens are expected to allow the power poles to stand on their properties without any mention of compensation or rent for the spaces they occupy? The SA gov’t wants to persist in restricting water to farmers while allowing Coca-Cola and Co. to rip as much water out of the sytem as they wish?

You can’t make this stuff up! I wish it was a dream, but the reality is, that we now face the greatest goods and service shortage in this country that we have ever seen, bar none! People think the great depression was bad…..well, the world wasn’t hooked up to the internet back then, and financial transactions happened slowly back then also, which is not a luxury we enjoy today…………… is done in real time today, which puts the whole world on the precipace of a meltdown the likes of which no civilisation known to man has ever encountered before.

Tie all of this with the Gillard govt’s plan to spend $20 Billion on raising “awareness” of homelessness among westpac stakeholders and employees, and you can see, that when the money runs out in this country, we will have no where to turn to for help! It’s not something new to us here in Australia though……….we were left high and dry in the late 80’s in the recession we had to have, which was brought about by the end of this country riding on the sheeps back. Luckily, we had a minerals boom…………but now, as I mentioned, even our minerals are owned by foreign companies who have paid the government in advance for the rights to remove as much mineral resources as they wish………….not even the “Gillard” mining tax addresses the amount of gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals that are shipped out for processing along with the iron ore………. the secret is, as long as it is determined 70% iron, any “ore” can be taken from this country, processed, and the extraction of these metals kept on the quiet, meaning, the Australian citizen gets nothing!

The minerals belong to “US”………….the power these minerals create, belongs to us also………. the NBN is being funded by us, and requires our minerals to create……these minerals don’t come out of the ground without someone producing the food for the workers……… and the workers can’t work if they can’t afford to eat!

This is what we face…………..and I can tell you for free, it’s scaring the hell out of me!

southern cross