What to bring to an Australian “Tea Party”…?

It’s a reasonable enough question that each should consider as we link up with ‘TEA Party-ers’ of all ‘shapes and sizes’ – from all over Australia…

Finding a bit of private time this long weekend, I began to think about what I’m gonna be ‘packing’ (per se) as I join The TEA Party here in the Southeast. Here’s some ‘food for thought’ as you begin to think about what you’ll be packing, as well…

Before sharing my 3 items… I suppose you should know that I’m an American! well at least I used to be…… I’m an Aussie now and, I’m living my  ‘American/Australian Dream’ smack dab on the S.A. Southeast Coast alongside my Australian sweetheart and Auggie – my ‘mini’ sheep dog. We’re farmers …well…in all Truth… Ian is a Farmer and currently, I’m about 1/2 ‘Wanna Be’…but, hey. I’m learnin’ fast!  Ah, seriously… I’ve never been so happy and full of peace in my whole life. (an’ just ‘for the record’… We didn’t meet on any reality T.V. show…but, when we DID ”find each other” – over 7 years ago… it was VERY, VERY romantic, indeed….deep sighs…!)

…Now, where WAS I? Oh yeah…! One of the key reasons why I’m able to live this quintessential ‘American/Larikin’ dream is because of the brave, quite selfless, honorable men who paid the price (on a battlefield and/or in their day to day lives) ‘in advance’ for each of us to live here in Australia. And, these blessings that I cherish and hold to so dearly – were given to me by Americans and Australians.

The fact of the matter is, that I have had my dream come true because of the ideals, hard work and integrity embraced by feisty, self-sufficient men and women who forged out these two Great Nations over the past two hundred plus years, and I’m not about to just toss out integrity like that thoughtlessly, as I have in the past. As a direct result of that fact, I for one, am gonna next make certain that I ‘pack’ my Thankfulness to both the Americans and the Australian’s who have made us safe as Nations, and made my dream possible. That’s the first item I’m packin’ to bring… My Thankfulness.

The last two items I’m definitely packing have to do with retaining the freedom I’ve been given. Have you heard that pretty sobering saying, that ‘Freedom isn’t ‘free’…? I’ve learned to appreciate those words and have taken them to heart. So – I’m also bringing a whole HEAP of my Time & Effort to the TEA Party Cause. I’m doing that because all of the sacrifices of the past cannot be maintained without my time and diligence being applied…..Today!.

So, I’ve committed myself to bringing my thankfulness, my time, and my effort to The Australian TEA Party, to the many integritious men and women whom I haven’t yet met – knowing they too, will understand that by blending our time and efforts we will now rally and stand in the gap for individual freedoms so that others too, have a chance to live out their dreams in their lifetimes.

I hope you’ll join with me as we all ‘pack’ and link up for The Australian TEA Party.


(the spirit of 76 and 2010! )