The European Union was something that was pushed on the people of Europe as being the next best thing but it wasn’t exactly created through absolute popular support. In many cases it looked like the politicians were resorting to deceitful tactics to get referendums passed etc. and anything politicians are enthusiastic and deceitful about should be looked upon with suspicion.

Nevertheless they got it up and running and people seemed to have accepted this not entirely democratic supranational state.

Nigel Farage of the UK Independent Party Addresses the EU Parliament. The translation of the video title is ‘Out Of The Euro, The People Hope’

While the EU gained its own currency, dropped its borders between member states and freed up trade it did not free itself from the major problem all nations face and that is politicians who borrow and spend recklessly.

Countries like Greece, Ireland, Portugal and others ramped up their borrowing on joining the EU. They did this because when they were borrowing as part of the EU their interest rates were lower because they are measured as part of the EU which as a whole has a strong economy thanks to Germany and France.

The EU has rules to prevent this from happening but they did nothing and stood by while a group of selfish politicians spent their countries into bankruptcy. There have been bailouts and austerity measures put in place but the people responsible have not been held accountable or punished in any way.

While pensions are cut, taxes are raised, jobs are lost and people are losing everything the people responsible are still living comfortable lifestyles supported by generous pensions paid for by the very people whose lives they have ruined.

The EU was simply the same old same old but on a grander scale. Politicians acting out in their own self-interest, hampering economic growth and running away after the damage was done. The only difference this time is more people are left picking up the bill.

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