Since NSW own routing of Labor 12 months ago, it has been a matter of dismantling the web of deceit and economic mismanagement left behind by NSW Labor.

PROSECUTING and jailing more than 150 people smugglers is going to cost NSW taxpayers more than $10 million this year with no help from the Gillard government. who are responsible for the surge of cases.

NSW will join other states in calling on the federal government to pick up the legal tab.

The move comes as the fourth asylum-seeker boat in a week landed on our shores yesterday, with four crew and 49 passengers on board.


Carbon tax is expected to add about $190 to the power bills of struggling NSW households from July 1.  The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal is due to release its estimates for NSW families by mid-April, draft price reports issued by its ACT and Queensland counterparts put rises close to $200 for the next financial year.

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission, which sets power prices for Canberra residents  estimated the carbon tax would add $190 a year to ACT power bills, or $3.65 a week – a rise of 13 per cent.  According to the draft review of costs, ACT faced general electricity price hikes of more than 17 per cent.

This makes a mockery of the lies the Gillard regime have been spurting out, and makes a Farce of the Political Parties and Independents that supported the Carbon Tax through the Lower House and Senate.

The extent to which prices have risen is most pronounced in the area of electricity.   In March 2010 the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal said power bills would rise by $246 to an annual average of $600 over the next three years.  On average since then,  the national increase has been more in the order of 30 per cent.  Labor may well be hoping Tony  Abbott falls victim to a history of foot in mouth disease when the carbon tax comes in on July 1.  But when we look at how much bills have already gone up, even the smallest increase in power prices will be an unnecessary and reckless assault on the family budget.


PREMIER Barry O’Farrell will apparently not be called before The Star casino hearings despite text message evidence from his former aide Peter Grimshaw that he believed the Premier wanted to “smash The Star”.

Mr O’Farrell admitted to parliament yesterday that it was Mr Grimshaw who helped him “issue” a statement which backed James Packer taking over the Echo Casino group and building another casino in the wake of the sacking of Star managing director Sid Vaikunta last month.  Opposition Leader John Robertson said: “With James Packer’s casino proposal, Mr O’Farrell and Mr Grimshaw finally got their chance to smash The Star.”

Gail Furness SC said yesterday she did not intend to call Mr O’Farrell to hearings next week, at this stage.

A Innocent figure would welcome the opportunity to set the records straight, however this move by the Premier is not a convincing look for transparency in Government.  We will be watching these events, to discover whether it is a story of sour grapes, or something the Premier will need to answer for.


Premier Barry O’Farrell, rather than contacting the acting commissioner, expressing concern, giving him more resources and demanding he catch criminals, is currently defending the police at every possible turn.

While no politician should wear 13 drive-by shootings in 17 days, there’s a pervasive feeling around the state government that the shootings don’t really matter because no innocent party has yet been killed.   However, here is the rub.

Firstly if the have not got the Intel to work with, they won’t know the best way to deal with this, won’t know the properties to search, won’t know of security devices on the premises, or how many people will be present when visited.  If they have the Intel , they  would most likely look at getting search warrants and hitting a number of homes at a well co-ordinated time.   Of course, if this occurs and is a success with no one hurt they would be praised, however, if a suspect or a Police Officer is shot, injured or killed, then they would be lambasted for their recklessness.

This is not a matter for political one upmanship, this is real scenarios dealing with real lives.