NSW will spend billions on health and transport, offer 5000 public servants voluntary redundancy and hire hundreds more nurses, teachers and police, as the state government tries to dig itself out of a fiscal hole and boost a flagging economy.

Treasurer Mike Baird has unveiled public sector job cuts, efficiency measures and tax increases he claims will turn the state budget around by $5.2 billion over the next four years.

Before the unions convince everyone O’Farrell is a traitor and failure, they must acknowledge the NSW Govt. is trying to turn NSW around after a complete mess left by Labor.

Although we are talking 5000 job losses in the Public Sector, we must realise this is because it has been the most consistent growth sector in NSW for years, yet the benefits have never been seen outside of Labor Ministers in the past.

When you put this in proportion to the workforce There were 182,200 jobs advertised in the Private and Public Sectors in Feb 2012

NSW has a population of  7,317,500

In NSW  the trend unemployment rate was 4.9 in Feb 2012

In NSW in February 2012 there were:

  • 3,598,400 employed persons 3,598,400 employed persons in NSW
  • 1,040,900 part-time employed persons, or 29.0% of total employed persons

This means the 5000 job losses are only .14% of the actual population employed in NSW and there are potentially 182,200 jobs advertised each month with only a 4.9% unemployed competition.

Yet this will go a long way to make saving in our economy to an extent of $5.2Billion dollars per year

So overall although the O’Farrell Govt. needs to improve it’s transparency, and improve it’s explanation of the real extent of cuts, it is still moving NSW out of it’s dark period in history and moving us towards brighter future.

However, we will keep an eye on this Govt to ensure it does not try to sit back on it’s little successes and keeps improving NSW.