On one day in July 2010, Mr Slipper travelled from:

  1. Brisbane to the suburbs ($126.14), one way
  2. Brisbane to the suburbs again ($95.86), one way
  3. Buderim to Brisbane ($348.14), one way
  4. Brisbane Airport to Buderim ($327.95) and one way
  5. Brisbane to Buderim ($343.09). one way

On the same day, July 27, he also claimed for a COMCAR trip in Canberra for $78.60.

This is where it is interesting, on the same day he allegedly travelled from Buderim to Brisbane and return to Buderim AND also travelled one way between Brisbane Airport to Buderim and twice travelled one way between Brisbane and the suburbs.

The estimates I got for Taxi fare between Brisbane and Buderim is $207.50 with Yellow cabs for Silver Service it is an additional $11 and this is 2 years later ?

Canberra Elite Taxis charge around $24 between the Canberra Airport and Parliament House.
A $78.60 Comcar fare is truly excessive and unwarranted.

How can Slippard explain this away, it just is showing in canberra he is willing  for us to pay 3 times the going taxi rate, and his travel Brisbane to Buderim was more than $100 above what a silver service taxi would cost.

He may be slippery, but this is beyond any semblance of reasonable Cab charge usage and this is just for one day as well as the travel would have been impossible for him to have made or he ran the return leg of the journey.

And also  “It comes as The Courier-Mail can reveal that Mr Slipper would arrange with a Canberra limousine driver, Berris Crossin, to adjust his travel details. And she suggested this was done to minimise suspicions over the size of his taxi bill”

Department of Finance records show Canberra Hire Cars has profited handsomely from Mr Slipper. Taxpayers forked out $575 for six trips on April 19, 2010, with one fare costing $75.68 and described by Mr Slipper as “city to city”.

The Courier-Mail can also reveal the name of the limousine driver, Antwan Kaikaty, who has driven the Queensland MP around Sydney for the past 19 years, Mr Kaikaty said Mr Slipper had been “my client” for several years and would provide him with a “few vouchers” at the end of travel.

Slippard is so out of it, I reckon he actually believes his own lies, and he figures this was truly just a perk of the job.  He is Definitely well suited to Gillard as neither of them seem to realise they HAVE opened Pandoras box