There is a tradition in politics to treat the electorate as a bottomless well of revenue. Want a metro rail scheme that costs you half a billion dollars and actual construction of it will cost you even more? …  just let the electorate pay.

Want to take a state from no debt to the nation’s largest state debt and then try and make out you are bravely making the hard decisions needed to fix the mess you created, just let the electorate pay.

Also make cuts to services. The debt that has been run up so needlessly has got to be paid for.

Our governments at all levels have already made severe cuts to many of the services people depend and there are more to come.

And the cost of electricity and water costs have also soared to give cash strapped governments a quick hit of cash and in the process take more money from us.

Revenue raising has taken place of covering costs in some areas. For example in Queensland car registration costs have jumped from cost covering to profit mode to help pay for the Queensland Labor debt.

But Labor won’t do the things that are really needed to fix the problem and that is they won’t stop the reckless borrowing, the wasteful spending and accepting over the top pay-rises.

In fact they actually passed laws that said they have to accept them.

Labor is also in pursuit of the one thing that constantly alludes them and that’s a budget surplus.

They are after it at all costs as if somehow this will impress people and make up for all the hardship.

In the past the electorate mostly absorbed all these extra costs but now people have had too much taken from them.

People are being forced to put more money aside than ever if they can.

It’s not for a ‘rainy day’ but for the next time government comes along and takes more money from them.

More cost of living rises are expected to hit soon and many are getting ready for them.

As a consequence people are spending much less. Less Christmas parties are being held and Christmas spending is looking to be at its weakest in years.

The ‘take it from the electorate trick’ has finally gone too far. As people have less money to spare Australia’s economy is starting to falter.

Because of the United States and European debt crisis’s another global financial crisis may be unleashed on the world and unlike last time there is no money to spare for any form of economic stimulus.

On top of that the Australian economy is not in as good shape as it was during last crisis.

If there is another one Australia will be hit hard by it.

Not that this will stop Labor.

The borrowing continues, the wasteful spending continues and Australia struggles under an economic burden that was not the result of circumstances beyond our control but of our governments being more than willing to place these burdens upon us.