Seeking asylum is a right people have to flee immediate harm. But now it’s turned into Pinball; Country Edition, where people can bounce around countries again and again where they are safe and only apply to the one with generous welfare, Australia.

We resettle 20,000 people every year now as of last year by taking in people who did the right thing and went to a UNHCR station. Those who arrive by boat or plane have transited usually between multiple countries, at least Indonesia. Once in Indonesia it’s just a matter of smuggling onto a leaky boat to Australia. Last time I checked, Indonesia was not persecuting and killing asylum seekers. Many countries and UN stations on the way to Australia were also safe, so it begs a question why it’s only in Australia people want to apply for asylum. To come specifically to Australia usually means a $10,000 smugglers fee, and multiple stages of transitioning to travel almost halfway around the world to reach their specific target, us.

Where do we draw the line? Clearly differentiating between illegal migration and asylum seeking. Applying in a neighbouring country from where they left from makes sense. But wait, when they transit from their neighbouring country to a safe country…then a safe country to another safe country…sometimes again even, we run into a problem. Those on boats arrive from a safe country, Indonesia, where they usually transited from another safe country. This is no longer seeking asylum because the protection and safety given in transiting countries ended their fleeing, they were safe from harm. Hiding themselves from authorities and smuggling to the next country and so on IS ILLEGAL. Going from 1 safe country to the next again on again is no longer seeking asylum, IT IS ILLEGAL MIGRATION

Australia has a yearly intake quota to resettle processed asylum seekers of 20,000 per year. That makes Australia amongst the highest IN THE WORLD in terms of asylum seeker resettlement on a per capita basis, since we have a relatively small population. To put the numbers in perspective, the United States has a refugee resettlement intake of 100,000 a year (population 310mil), far more than our 23m. Canada, (34mil) resettles 15,000/year. New Zealand (4.5mil) takes in 750! Many countries don’t partake in settling at all. Yet Australia is regularly demonised by the Greens, Labor, the ABC and other left aligned commentators. Australians are made to feel guilty and are told we are an international laughing stock.

Neighbouring countries near conflict zones do host a lot of asylum seekers until they are processed, this is true. BUT those countries also receive billions upon billions in global aid, with Australian and American taxpayers alike helping foot the bill and other UN friendly countries.

Those who come from Indonesia into Australia;

1. Arrive on flights into Indonesia
2. They arrive into Jakarta WITH PASSPORTS from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc.
3. They MUST lodge an incoming passenger card with Immigration when they show their passport & purchase a VOA (Visa On Arrival) for $25USD
4. VOA is only available for up to 30 days.
5. Upon departure from INDONESIA they MUST present the outgoing part of the incoming passenger card to depart Indonesia through Immigration.
6. If they DO NOT DEPART Indonesia within 30 days they have breached INDONESIAN Immigration laws
7. When they ARRIVE in Australia on the ILLEGAL boats they have therefore committed a crime in another country by breaching their Immigration laws, and also committed a crime invading Australia’s sovereignty with no good reason, since they aren’t fleeing Indonesia.
8. THEREFORE – Under the Migration Act 1958 they have committed a crime in another country and SHOULD NOT PASS the Character Test under Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958
9. So, these people should be charged in the first instance under Indonesia’s Immigration laws and ALSO be issued with a ‘Notice Of Intention To Refuse A (ANY) Visa On Character Grounds’ …ie they are lying, cheating, dishonest individuals

Section 228b of our Migration Act (1958) also states
“1. …. a non-citizen, has at a particular time, no lawful right to come to Australia if, at that time:
a) the non-citizen does not hold a visa that is in effect

Even ‘The Australian’ has acknowledged the underhanded nature of arriving without a passport. The link is attached at the bottom.
“…Of the 3237 asylum-seekers who admitted to flying to Indonesia on a passport, 3200 did not have any travel documents when they arrived in Australia. People-smugglers routinely advise their clients to discard their identity documents before arriving in Australia.”

In conclusion, given the nature of harboring in safe countries before illegally entering Australia, Australia has EVERY RIGHT to turn back the boats under our laws, Indonesian laws and international laws.

Note: This article is restored from 2014. A future one will be made on recent events in Europe and the Middle East