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In Other Words  Bloody  Typical    ZEG!


what a weekend of disaster to fall upon the Japanese people and subsequently the world will also be effected via the markets. You just have to thank your God or whoever you talk to in the quiet of your mind, for the great fortune of being here in Australia. No such horrific tragedy such as we witnessed on our tellies, of walls of water literally washing away entire lives in the form of a tsunami have been visited on the good folk of the “lucky country” and yet we still have own special natural trauma in the usually form of fire, drought and flooding rain to deal with.

Well, our own PM, fresh from her historic and let’s face it, patronising tour of the USA, has had to face her very own personal disaster and is now, I hope, “QUAKING UP TO REALITY” (pun intended).

news report:

Can you believe that according to the latest Herald-Neilsen poll, Julia Gillard is now facing a 34 percent preference as PM behind the man that she deposed as PM, the now Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, who is holding a lead over Gillard at 39 percent.

Polls, polls, polls I hear you say and yes the result is often about perception rather than reality and if this poll suits your bias then you would assume it accurate and true but I am sure the Gillard supporters don’t agree.

With that said I do believe this poll is spot on because it is a tested theory and basically history repeating itself. Rudd was very unpopular when introducing a Carbon Tax and as a result opposed by the party because of his back flip on the ETS shortly after the then leader of the Federal Liberal Coalition, Malcolm Turnbull, was removed by his party for backing the extremely unpopular carbon trading scheme. Therefore one would have to expect that if you lied about bringing in another version of the ETS prior to the election, the carbon tax, and then expect a different result to that of your predecessor, you must truly be either very stupid, deluded or trusting greatly in the advice of others. So which is it Prime Minister, are you making your own mistakes or is someone else helping you to lose your job?
Is Bob Brown and his Watermelon Party destroying the ALP from within, by forcing such destructive policy or is it Kevin who is the real mastermind of this Shakespearean plot to assassinate Juliar?
I am sure there will be book made in due time but then again the winners are the ones who write the history books.

I guess the most obvious take here would be to remember the wise words of that great Spanish American philosopher, George Santayana….
“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”