Three cheers for … Julia. Yes, Julia. Thanks to her monstrous lie, her many repeated lies and her bulldozing the 70% of Australians opposed to her tax, people are now asking: what else is this woman lying about? People are now awake to the climate scam. In 2015 her CO2 Trading Scheme will forcibly ration energy and continually ratchet prices upward open-ended. No compensation.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Today I’ll discuss the bigger picture—control and freedom.

You should not be punished, micro-managed, regulated, controlled. We’re being stripped of basic freedoms. We trusted politicians. They screwed us. We have to re-claim our freedom.

Thank you to CATA, Tea Party, people at rallies. I’m honoured to speak before you and to stand beside you. You understand we’re losing our country and it will take courage to reclaim freedom.

You deserve truth, not lies and betrayal. You deserve to be trusted and valued not ambushed. You deserve to be free and supported, not controlled.

Across Australia people are feeling angry, confused, fearful, guilty, frustrated, resentful, wary, doubtful.

People say they need and are looking for truth, understanding, reassurance, security, confidence, hope, clarity, trust, governance, leadership ….

At birth your first action was … to take a breath. You didn’t need permission. Your parents didn’t pay. You just took it. Because Nature’s abundance provides freely.



You were pure. You breathed in oxygen from plants. Your gift to them was exhaling CO2 essential for plants to live. Today, you remain part of Nature.

Look at your exhaled breath. It contains 5% CO2. It’s invisible. You’re not exhaling clouds of brown or white gas as government advertisements depict CO2. They lie about our breathing.

Gillard, Brown and Obama rely on reports by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. It says CO2 drives temperature and climate. Yet its own data reveals the opposite: temperature determines CO2 levels. Data shows human CO2 cannot affect CO2 levels.

The Climategate scandal, the Inter Academy Council’s scathing review and even IPCC Lead Authors reveal the IPCC is completely corrupt.

Prominent Australian academics such as Flannery, Garnaut, Karoly use our taxes to mislead us. Gillard, Combet and Brown lie.

Socialist Europe fell for it. Europol police say 90% of transactions are corrupt and criminal activity costs Europe €5 billion. New Zealand is watering down its ‘trading’ scheme.

Major CO2 producers China, India, America, Brazil, Japan, Russia overwhelm our CO2. They refuse to sign a new Kyoto Treaty. Britain is already cutting renewables and returning to fuels producing CO2. Many European nations only pledged to try to cut CO2, not commit. And they cheat.

Yet Brown and Gillard committed Australia to send hundreds of billions of dollars overseas buying paper credits. Yet Australian



Treasury modeling shows Australian CO2 production in 2020 will be higher than now. All for nothing.

Food contains carbon. When burned with your breath’s oxygen, food produces CO2. We’re not hurting Nature by going to work and providing for our family.

How did this happen? Weakness and dishonesty. Tony Abbott is a sceptic. Yet fear of the media drove Liberals to endorse Rudd’s call to cut CO2. A sad choice: Tweedle Dum in budgie smugglers or Tweedle Dumber in a skirt.

Oakeshott, Windsor and Wilkie were personally advised in writing of their MPCCC being misled by Professor Will Steffen. Oakeshott even misrepresented my communication. All voted for the tax knowing of corruption.

We trusted politicians and Australia’s parliament failed us. National governance is dead.

It’s up to us to repeal this vile tax. Axe the tax. Yes we can. Repeal

What about our American visitor? I’ve lived and worked in 8 American states, travelled through all 50 and am married to a gorgeous American woman.

President Obama’s secretary for Science, John Holdren has spread whacky lies about climate and humanity for 40 years.

President Obama had majorities in both houses of America’s congress. Yet he didn’t try to legislate a CO2 trading scheme or tax. He knew he’d be defeated by his own party. … No he can’t.



He tried to illegally regulate through the back door using his Environmental Protection Agency. States and energy companies stopped him in court. So did the economy … No he can’t.

Al Gore is one of Earth’s biggest carbon fuel users. After being exposed he offset his energy with carbon credits … paid to his own CO2 trading company. He paid it to himself.

While pushing CO2 trading to governments, his company was the Chicago Climate Exchange’s fifth biggest shareholder.

Obama was a director of the Joyce Foundation when it donated millions to start Chicago’s Climate Exchange.

It later stopped trading CO2. The market collapsed. No he can’t.

Next, let’s discuss money. Do you know where money comes from? I didn’t. After researching, now I do. It’s well documented. Money is created by banks creating loans. The push of a keyboard button. Out of thin air.

Fractional reserve lending multiplies that by 10. Legalised counterfeit.

The US Federal Reserve is not a government entity. It’s private. Owned by controllers of major international banks: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Rothschilds. A monopoly granted in 1913 by American politicians in a documented conspiracy.

But when partial capitalism existed briefly in early America it lifted millions to a better life. Before that little England cut government regulation and in just 50 years become Great Britain.

Since then, tight government control killed capitalism. Now it’s controlism.



The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency. The global economy is manipulated by the US Federal Reserve’s private owners.

Now they want to add paper trading on CO2 creating a global currency out of thin air.

It started with Maurice Strong, first Secretary General of the UN Environmental Program and the crooked IPCC. He admits his goal is to destroy western industry to install socialism. He said it.

Socialism is individual ownership with government control. It becomes communism with state ownership and state control.

Both increase government control to erode people’s responsibility. That’s why America is now deep in poverty. It’s highly regulated. Central government is massive and corrupt. Big government drives socialism’s trademarks—inflation and war.

Socialists want control by a few with promises to later give people power. Hitler said it. Stalin. Mao. Bob Brown says he wants unelected global governance.

Control freaks. Their goal is not socialism. It’s controlism. Control.

Control of you and your money.

Brown and Gillard bulldozed 70% of people to inflict their tax. Gillard admitted her goal in pricing CO2 is, quote: “to cause pain”. What? Government is supposed to protect us, not hurt us?

The 2008 financial crisis was caused by American politicians and international banks tied to the US Federal Reserve. Just like every major recession since its formation.



Socialism is installed across Europe. The European Union is the UN’s socialist global governance model. A failing currency. One set of bureaucrats. No opposition. Hopelessly bogged in debt.

Whitlam trapped Australia in the UN’s Lima Declaration in 1975. Keating signed UN Agenda 21 in 1992. Both seek to centrally manage our economy. UN Agenda 21 seeks to control local government—removing property rights essential to freedom. That’s already started.

Rudd tried to sign the UN’s Copenhagen Treaty without disclosing contents to parliament. The treaty would have eroded national sovereignty to control property rights, resource allocation, national finances and energy usage. They would have controlled our country.

Next, government debt. It’s a tool for toxic control of taxpayers. When Gillard, Rudd and Swan took over Australia’s net debt was zero. Now its $137 billion and rising at $1 billion each week. For what? Pink Batts? Wasted.

Government debt raises inflation, gives government control over markets and people. Bureaucracy increases waste.

Listen to this: America’s debt is $15 trillion. And growing.

Supposed world leaders rightly say the problem is debt. Their solution … more debt. The national debt problem started with Spain. Now Italy. Yet 20% of the Greek bailout is reportedly underwritten by Italy & Spain. This is pass-the-parcel to the bottom. No we … can’t.

Government takes money from us. To give to vested interests.



Who benefits? Researching global warming and the money monopoly I discovered two small groups. It’s well documented.

A small group of UN bureaucrats addicted to control and power. They’re aligned with international bankers creating debt and interest. As lenders owed trillions, they control government through financial muscle and control. They own government.

Now Gillard, Swan, Wong and Rudd want to give them more through a global agency, the International Monetary Fund. The money would have to be borrowed—more government debt. Pass- the-parcel debt slavery for Aussie kids.

A combination of weakness, dishonesty and treason. They’re lying to steal your money and cut your choice. Stealing our freedom.

This is not about climate. It’s about control.

Control of you and your money.

There’s more on our web site,

We are no facing a climate emergency. We’re facing a democracy and freedom emergency.

Axe the tax. Yes we can … repeal.

I’ll end on three positives. Firstly, I acknowledge American Senator James Inhofe whose courage broke the climate scam’s global rise. And President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic who has been a sceptic since before the public tide changed in our favour.

I appreciate American Congressman Ron Paul for educating congress and people about free markets, the US Federal Reserve



and government control and war mongering. He’s passionately committed to global peace and freedom.

Third, please look inside your heart and mind. Do you see an uncaring, irresponsible, greedy, guilty scourge of our planet? That’s what the Greens say you are in their scary false alarms inciting fear.

Or do you see what I see in you: someone who really cares? Cares about people, humanity, the environment, our planet? That’s why you’re here. Because you care.

It’s in our spirit to care. We’re part of Nature. We’re connected with our planet.

Our civilisation depends on a healthy environment. The environment depends on a healthy civilisation.

The Brown-Gillard tax will hurt Australia. Hurting civilisation hurts the environment.

Abbott’s Liberals will do far less damage. Yet their lack of integrity makes them unfit to lead. The lesser of two poor choices.

We’re on our own. We have to stand up. Express your needs to your Member of Parliament. Pressure the Liberals. Write regularly to your local newspaper. Pay for small advertisements in the Notices section. Seek out your local groups. Form one.

Unlike socialist activists we don’t have massive union or taxpayer funding. Instead we have facts, truth and passion. Freedom is natural. Nature shows freedom will win. We will prevail.

Stay strong brothers and sisters. Together we will Axe the Tax. Yes we can … repeal. Thank you.


MALCOLM RBERTS  …  is a true “FREEDOM FIGHTER” he fights for freedom for Australians from Big Government. A principal speaker for the Galileo Movement and supporter/speaker at many TEA Party Rallies as well as CATA and many other fine organisations.