Asylum Seekers policy is still atrocious 4 years into ALP’s “reign of horror”

One of the first things the Labor regime did in 2007 was to dismantle John Howard’s successful Pacific Solution of processing offshore at Nauru, issuing Temporary Protection Visas (TPV), and turning back the boats whenever it was possible and safe.
This program resulted in a change between 2001 when:

  • 5516 asylum seekers arrived in 43 boats
  • 1 Asylum seeker arriving in 2002,
  • 139 Asylum seekers by boat between 2003 and 2006.

On the change of Government in 2007:

  • 148 Asylum seekers arrived 2007,
  • 161 in 2008, and
  • 13,846 Asylum seekers arrived by boat between 2009 and 2011,

Now after the tragic deaths of asylum seekers who ignored a warning to return to Indonesia, and had a overcrowded boat, (something that occurs when smugglers have free reign in getting Asylum seekers to Australia)  the  refugee advocates want The Opposition to co operate with the Labor regime  on policy.

This Labor regime has power due to support of Independent and The Greens, NOT the Opposition.
with this report Labor got Legislation through on NBN, Carbon Tax and a large number of other bills.  Now because the Greens won’t support the Government,  they are insisting the Opposition does so ???

The Opposition quite rightly are standing by the Policy Labor dismantled and won’t negotiate, because it is a successful policy.
The Government says it is willing to reopen Nauru and Manus Islands if the Opposition supports them, however no TPV’s and no turning back the boats.  Now the spin is blaming the Opposition for not supporting a bad policy.

The truth is the Gillard regime is desperate to get it’s own policy in place before the next election, they are desperate to be able to point out the Opposition supported the policy when it fails, and they are just desperate because they are the worst Government in Australia’s history.