It is Time to Stand Up… for Restoring Courage …For Freedom… For all that is decent and Good in Australia. The Brisbane division of the Australian TEA Party  had to make a decision on where to hold it’s Restoring Courage Glen Beck viewing Party. So knowing us … ( proud stirrers) we chose to make a statement and despite the extremely late hour and the likelihood that licensing laws would mean we would have to change venues mid broadcast ( midnight in winter however a courageous  few were still able to make it)…We  decided that we would hold it at Max Brenners’ Chocolate shop.


We made this venue choice because …. A violent campaign had been proceding for some time against

this local Icon and other Jewish owned shops elsewhere in Australia.

Just Restoring Courage became Supporting Max Brenner and Supporting Courage…

(We took some film from that night at the Viewing party…… )


Following our decision of venue the urgency of this cause became starkly obvious.

Extreme leftist groups linked to the Socialist Alternative planned an attack on Max Brenners  in Brisbane

just 3 days after the Restoring Courage event and the exact same location.!

The antithesis of everything it stands for.

Based on previous demonstrations in Melbourne and Sydney harmless Aussie chocolate lovers would

be blockaded and screamed at for enjoying their hot Chocky drinks .

Our members mostly family people often find it daunting to get to a protest that was forcast to be in heavy

rain  and facing a notoriously aggressive and violent adversary.

However, I couldn’t have stopped them if I tried.

Logan Councillor Hajnal Black who was ill on the Wednesday … but turned up any way.. was particularly


Her Grandfather was a holocaust (Auschwitz) survivor and nothing would deter her!

We were going to stand up to evil!

….. and we did.

Fortunately we were not alone… other groups including a group from Menzies House ( organised by Dani

Keyes), several other groups and just plain Aussie citizens joined the cause, -Jewish people non jewish

people …normal Aussies from a wide array of backgrounds… Came together…in the rain!

For the first time these extreme leftist lunatics would actually be opposed.

STRONGLY opposed.

The Menzies House  people brought themselves.

Some folks from the APDM  brought 2 Bullhorns and an Israeli Flag!

The TEA Party  brought Signs ,Posters, Cameras , and…7 Loud Hailers/Bullhorns!!!

Apparently …..our leftist friends had arranged to have some heavily discounted loudhailers available

at a friendly shop in Brisbane.

I didn’t know this and using the internet found that they may have some. We hadn’t needed them

previously in Brisbane as this was our first counter-protest!.

When I called to enquire I was asked if i needed them for the protest . I answered YES!!!

When my daughter went there that morning to buy them she gave the same reply when asked.


If I could only have seen the leftists faces later that morning……None Left.  lol.

But equipment to match them is not enough!

You Need passion as well . You need Spirit and Courage.

What happened????

The Story in Pictures.

The aim of the protesters was to blockade Max Brenners’ and shout at the patrons to

intimidate them as they did in Melbourne and Sydney.

But this time the police had a very good reason to stop them before they got anywhere near

the entrance to the shop.

We were waiting for them….. and it was an open area impossible to control.


So the police set up a barricade just around the corner away from the Max Brenner shop.

We had to wait as the Socialists were late and we all got wet trying to find what shelter we could without

interfering with the operating of Max Brenners’ shop.

….. Then they arrived…finally

VERY surprised to be kept behind a barricade.

Very angry not to be disrupting Max Brenner’s…..

But a bigger surprise awaited them as we rounded the corner and climbed up the bank to confront them directly:

David Goodridge Wearing the TEA Party Badge!

Drinking Max Brenner yummy Hot Chocolate!

 and suddenly…..


 THERE WE WERE  …….. Face to Face!

We let them have BOTH Barrells!

The look in the eyes of the leftists opposite was bewilderment and surprise ..

Both at our numbers…and Particularly – OUR PASSION!

We exercised our free speech…

Surprise surprise…They did NOT like it!

And we didn’t let up!

Logan Councillor Hajnal Black ( a TEA Party Legend) became the focal point of our contempt…


Several times she had to be restrained by police from charging forward !

image from the Sydney Morning Herald..


We responded to their stupid anti semitic chants with  ….


they didn’t like that one…. not one bit.

and then the killer chant that even got casual passers by joining in….



They were devastated !

Signs supporting Israel were displayed


Someone brought out an Israeli Flag

and I even remember some Jewish song being sung in the background…Hava Nagila?

It was all tooo much for our Leftst,Green and Nazi visitors…

Discouraged and beaten….

They turned from the barricades ..


and left for whatever place they came from… tails firmly between their legs.




To the jubilation of the victorious!

Methinks that Hajnal gave them a few choice departing messages!


This is the first time anyone has stood up to them…


Lots of new friends were made and I ran out of TEA Party cards.


the BEST thing about the day……Max Brenner’s didn’t have any disruption to their operations..


In fact many hot chocolates were bought by very wet and soggy protesters afterwards.


We should all be very Proud of that!

Restoring Courage in Australia.

the editor.


We even got a little press.

Usually they desperately try to hide the TEA Party’s involvement.

Shock!!!!! We actually got mentioned!!!!


see also Hajnal’s blogs.