On last Saturday, the West Australian reported a worrying Westpoll result. Mark McGowan is ‘chipping away’ Premier Colin Barnett’s popularity.

Labor’s primary vote has recovered to 35 per cent, the Liberal’s primary vote down to 47 per cent from 52 per cent, Nationals steady at 2 per cent.

On a two-party preferred basis, the Barnett Government would win an election with 54 per cent, compare with Labor’s 46 per cent.

Barnett leads as preferred Premier 42-37.

Gareth Parker’s analysis is that Barnett is possibly ‘autocratic’ or ‘arrogant’, causing unpopularity. Although numbers are still high for the Barnett government, the trend is a decreasing one. The government is still strong as the two-party preferred basis is an indicator, but if the government skips up, Labor has a fighting chance.