Providing information and bringing together like minded people against Socialism, Communism, entry of Illegal arrivals, The Carbon Tax, Current Education policies, Current Health policy failures, the increasing strike actions. Overpaid Politicians, Politician entitlements, Parliamentary privilege, the farce called Question Time, and making Politicians accountable for their promises, and actions.

  1. I believe we must reduce the number of taxes in Australia.
  2. we need to reduce the staggered taxation system. there need to be one pay rate in Australia, and at worst retain a single percentage of income as tax free.
  3. If you earn $10,000 and are taxed at say 15% you would pay $1500 in tax, however if you earned $100,000 you would pay $15000 in tax. People earning more DO pay more, but not unfairly so (figures are for demonstration only)
  4. Any Asylum seeker that arrives illegally in Australia should be turned around and never allowed to apply for immigration to Australia, If they join refugee camps and await their turn, then they can apply for asylum in Australia again.
  5. Our troops in Afghanistan should be withdrawn. It is not acceptable to loose this number of troops while mentoring. We do have other overseas concerns our troops may need to be deployed to.
  6. We need to get rid of State Governments, we cannot afford this system of Government. We need to go with Federal Government and all policies would be Australia wide, a true bonus with RTA, Education, Police, and legal system being the same. We could then amalgamate Councils Nationwide to form a super council and second tier of Government responsible for the local issues in their council areas. The savings on this change, cannot be costed without appropriate access, but the savings would be in the 8 digit arena.
  7. We would have a true National curriculum, but teaching things like Climate Change should not occur unless both points of view are taught, especially when the AGW alarmists have not been able to provide evidence of man made Climate Change.
  8. Teachers pay must never be based on results, it will affect the standard of care and teaching less gifted students receive.
  9. There needs to be exams introduced again in Primary schools and high schools, under the present scheme, students do not know what it is to fail until they reach the most stressful times at High school. It has increased the stress on too many students resulting in some deaths, and students belief in themselves shattered.
  10. Political promises must be presented to Parliament within 12 months, or a bi election can be called by a MP’s constituency.
  11. No major reforms may be passed through Parliament without it going to an election for a the people to decide, if the Government has a mandate on it.

This list will grow, but please indicate in what you agree with …or disagree and post your thoughts, these are just my views, based on life experience, and work experience.

Also at present no student is held back meaning students that in reality aren’t ready scholastically for high school are set up to fail. Parents just cannot afford the cost of Private tutoring these days.

It is time for change, not change for changes sake though, it is time to change things and Take Back Australia for it’s people and to ensure the future of our Great Australian Democracy


Kevin Hicks