National director of the Australia Tea Party, David Goodridge, has today laughed off suggestions by extreme left wing Greens Senator, Bob Brown, that the Tea Party was responsible for average Aussies standing up and fighting the Gillard Government’s carbon tax for the air that they breathe.
Senator Brown made the comments on Sky News programme Australian Agenda with Peter Van Onselen and Paul Kelly in the Sky News studio in Sydney .
He said
And just if I can, yesterday the tea party folk promoted by 2GB and the far right were out in force in Melbourne. 400 of them turned up to oppose this great big tax outside Julia Gillard’s office.

“I must set the record straight  as with many statements by Sen.Brown these were completely inaccurate and untrue”.
“The Australian TEA Party is very proud to organise and support many protests against the current ludicrous policies supported by senator Brown.
However, the particular events mentioned were supported and organised by individuals not associated with The Australian TEA Party Movement,and we have no desire to claim false credit for others efforts.”
“With so many members and supporters there would be indeed some that attended this and many other events such as the football and family or recreational events on the weekend.This however does not mean that The Australian TEA Party was in charge or controlled the AFL or NRL.”
“Of Much Greater concern to ourselves is the almost unbelievable and disgusting pattern of behaviour demonstrated by Sen Brown during the same interview.”
“For the second time following a terrible human tragedy Sen Brown has twisted and abused the human suffering of a NATURAL disaster to attempt to support his political policy agenda. Besides being wildly insensitive and inappropriate it is also wildly inaccurate and ridiculous.
His previous widely reported and inexcusable behaviour during the Brisbane floods in trying to establish some link between the tragedy and the Queensland Coal industry was sadly unchallenged, and thus emboldened ,he now uses the bodies of Japanese Earthquake victims as cover for his radical Greens/Marxist agenda.”
David Goodridge
National Director
the Australian Tea Party
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