In another “Hysterically inaccurate” statement by the Treasurer

Government spokesman Matthew Sullivan explained that electricity producer Hydro would not be subject to the carbon tax, as its hydro-electric and wind power generation methods did not emit carbon.

But he said Aurora, which buys electricity from Hydro to sell to Tasmanian customers, would attract a share of the tax because it runs the gas-fired Tamar Valley Power Station, which does emit carbon.

Meanwhile, families with incomes of up to $150,000 a year will be better off under the carbon tax, according to Treasurer Wayne Swan.

A Treasury analysis reveals half of all families earning up to $150,000 will be over compensated for the carbon tax with tax cuts and welfare changes equivalent to 120 per cent of the expected cost.

After a calculation based on a family with one high school student earning $125,000  it appears

  • the average price impact would be:$646 per year ($12 per week)
  • total annual Government assistance would be $309 per year,
  • assistance provided through Australian Government payments would be:$306 per year
  • ongoing assistance will be provided through the Clean Energy Supplement….and assistance through tax changes would be $3 per year.
It seems Treasury and the Treasurer is having trouble with its calculations  the projected price impact is more than twice the amount of compensation a family with one child earning $125,000 will receive.
Further proof this Government is simply a Government of Lies and Misinformation carbon tax – wayne swan 01