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New Years Gillard Pt1

Beware this Election year we are about to be besieged by a inconsiderable number of  blurbs from Gillard’s spin Dept to make her seem almost

January 14, 2013 Blog
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As a passionate advocate for Solar PV and the environment, I’ve been interested in  renewable energy for many years and derive my information from many

December 29, 2012 Blog
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Carbon Dioxide – Worst dressed list.

When are we going to get a Government who likes Australians, the type of Party that will say sod off in regard CO2 emissions, and

December 20, 2012 Blog, Community
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Global warming movement in chaos

A draft of fourteen chapters of the 2013 AR5 Report has been leaked amid claims of carbon trade fraud at the highest level.  One could

December 15, 2012 Blog
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Catholics led charge against communists

Catholics led charge against communists  this article was written by Angela Shanahan in The Australian, July 10, 2010 12:00AM   Many DLP supporters sacrificed their careers

November 29, 2012 Blog, Community
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More blatant Climate Change scaremongering

The Climate Change madness continues as now we read  “Collapse Of Maya Civilization Strongly Linked To Climate Change, Finds New Research It claims Modern climate change could

November 12, 2012 Blog, Community, News
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Excise the badlands

In August 2006 the Howard Government tried to introduce Legislation that would excise the Mainland of Australia from the Migration zone. This was aborted after

October 31, 2012 Blog

The Competency Test

This table I created shows the Hawke, Keating, Howard, Rudd and Gillard Governments budget deficits or surpluses. It is very easy to see who shows

October 29, 2012 Blog, Featured, News
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PM’s double standards continue to anger voters

Julia Gillard Said: “I did say during the last election campaign, I promised that there would be no carbon tax. That’s true and I’ve walked

October 06, 2012 Blog
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UN Against Freedom of Expression

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon last week expressed concern about free speech because sometimes it can be “used to provoke or humiliate.” The UN has completely

September 26, 2012 Blog, Featured
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