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Stay away From the Syrian Conflict

Syrian Government major supporting parties are Iran and Hezbollah, both involved in the war politically, logistically and providing military equipment, training and in case of

August 25, 2013 Blog
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ALP flaunting the Caretaker Conventions

Labor ignore our Constitution and Electoral rules whenever they fail to meet their needs, or their egos.  An example of this has been pointed out

August 25, 2013 Blog
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Fight against the Duopoly

King Rudd II has finally coughed up the magic number, or should I say recycled number?  Kevin07 has chosen Kevin’s favourite number 07 of September

August 05, 2013 Australia, Blog
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A Mess Of Their Making

In 2007 ALP blamed the Global Financial Crisis on their woes and their need to spend.  This August 2013 mini budget Chris Bowen blames a

August 03, 2013 Blog
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Just Vote NO – Here are more reasons why

In a research paper  Anne Twomey, Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Sydney, assesses the impact of recognising local government in the Commonwealth Constitution.

August 02, 2013 Australia, Blog
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Politicians have received 3 substantial Pay rises in 16 Months

As we all know Labor is the Party of the Battler.  They run around the country either as Politicians or as Union officials and scream

July 31, 2013 Australian, Blog
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A snapshot of Gillard’s finest moments

Related posts: The Left’s desire to change our Constitution Our Angels must never be forgotten The Great Siege – WW2 The Depth of Labor’s 5

July 31, 2013 Australia, Australian, Blog
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Meet Kevin Rudd II ‘s worst enemy

Kevin Rudd  is trying to convince people that he is the poor little glasses wearing nerd bullied by Tony Abbott, however, it is he, who

July 08, 2013 Australia, Australian, Blog, politics
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Budget of Buck Passing and Lies

The baby bonus was announced. John Howard promised that every woman who had a baby after July 1, 2004, would receive $3000.This was to replace

May 14, 2013 Blog, budget13
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The Rise and Rise of Australia’s Debt

One of ALP’s worst mistakes besides their hopeless Policies was the selection of Wayne Swan and his Keynesian way of  as Treasury Guy.  The sheer

April 28, 2013 Blog, News, politics
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