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Australian Government’s interest payment now 3.25% of budget

This year we are spending $13.5 billion dollars, or almost half the education budget, just to service our interest payments. This equates to 3.25% of

July 15, 2014 Blog, Featured
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Tasmanian Pre election update

This Saturday will see the Tasmanian State election. Unless a miracle happens, there will be a change of Government. The present Labor Government has been

March 14, 2014 Blog, Featured
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The new Cold War in Crimea

58.5% of Crimean citizens are Russian, 12.1% are Crimean Tatar, and only 24.3% of the Crimean population is actually Ukrainian. What this means is Crimea

March 07, 2014 Blog, Featured
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Australia’s Future with Agenda 21

Australia for many years was the envy of the world, our living standards were high, our social values and community safety standards were first class,

March 01, 2014 Blog
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Cultural Marxism is the ideological driver behind Political Correctness. It is the destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values

March 01, 2014 Blog
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Price Gouging; Why Australians pay 50% more for digital music, DVDs, e-books and software than the USA

Most Australian online consumers had a sneaking suspicion they were being ripped off compared to their US counterparts, and they were right. Music digital downloads

February 24, 2014 Blog
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Hemp – The key to Reindustrialisation?

Industrial hemp was one of the most common crops up until the early 20th century. Up until then it was commonly used throughout history. Presidents

February 22, 2014 Blog
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We hear it all the time. Manufacturing against the wall, the car industry surviving on government handouts, retail and other industries surviving on cheap imports,

February 21, 2014 Blog
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In many parts of the Islamic world, women are not seen as equals. From varying Islamic nations a Muslim woman might have to hide her

February 21, 2014 Blog
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Our ‘Asylum seekers’ by boat are illegal migrants. Here’s why

Seeking asylum is a right people have to flee immediate harm. But now it’s turned into Pinball; Country Edition, where people can bounce around countries

February 20, 2014 Blog, slider
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