The present Government of Tasmania cannot be described as ‘the best we have ever seen’.  In my time I have seen some whoppers of dreadful government and this lot would have to take the cake.  Premier Lara Giddings won government with the support of the Greens who – like the Federal Government – appear to be the real government.  The last election was a tight affair, resulting in a hung Parliament and it went to the State Governor, Hon Peter Underwood to determine who should govern.  For various reasons he decided on the status quo, so Lara Giddings was once again sworn as Premier.  All Tasmanians know, as does every member of the Labour Party that it is count down for them.  The knives are out of course and it is rumoured Lara will go and be replaced by David O’Byrne who inspires no one.  The Greens of course are up with the ‘birds’ and will not concede that their days are numbered as well.

The government has stumbled from medicocry to dreadfulness. They are incompetent and amateur. However, after an announcement last week they are on cloud nine.  Wonders of wonders!  What an achievement!  It has been proclaimed throughout the realm of Tasmania that the Government has passed a law banning plastic bags at supermarkets.  This is their big claim to fame; this is their big success story.  The winners out of all this of course are the supermarkets and one wonders where the tie up is i.e. between government and big business.  The CEO of Coles said that “Coles would comply with any legislation that is passed”, Well naturally they would;  after all they will now be able to charge 15c per bag if requested by the customer.  You can imagine how this will enlarge their coffers;  as if we are not being fleeced enough.  All this is to help the environment;  no it’s not – it is to help big business.

Nonetheless, this is Lara’s big achievement.  Despite the fact that only yesterday it was revealed that Tasmania will have a short fall of $1.8 billion dollars from the last Federal budget.  But don’t you worry about that (as Joh Bjelke-Petersen would have said) we have made amazing strides with the banning of plastic bags.  One wonders whether these people live in the real world.

The implication of having that amount of money lost to Tasmania doe snot seems to be of concern to those in government.  To put on a good face and to inspire those who are governed is commendable, but to deny reality is a disaster.

At this juncture of time is also the Queens 60th anniversary of ascending to the throne.  Unlike most other States, Lara has ignored the event and has refused to offer any celebration or acknowledgement of Her majesty’s anniversary.  Lara naturally being a Fabian and a member of Emily’s List is a republican, but her attitude in this regard is not only disappointment, but down right rude; but in the vanity of politicians, perhaps it is to be expected.