Two immediate issues are now facing Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings; her support and enthusiasm for homosexual marriages and the arrival of a mammoth trawler to be used by the Sea Fishery Department.

Lara is in religious ecstasy over her proposal to introduce into the Tasmanian Parliament by the end of the year, legislation for homosexual marriage; and while she may address pro homosexual marriage rallies outside Parliament House, the road to legislation is not all clover.  Firstly it is clear that the Marriage Act comes under the Australian Constitution as a responsibility of the Federal Government.  Any such legislation by Tasmania (or South Australia), could be successfully challenged.  It is of note that the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, does not support such a move. Beside, Lara has some problems within her own party; word has it, particularly with several of her Labour colleagues of a Catholic persuasion, they are not happy with her stance.  She may be supported by her deputy, Brain Green, but that is no recommendation.  Brian Green, while an acting Parliamentarian was involved in a scandal a few years back with fellow Labourite, (then retired) John White regarding manipulating influences within the forestry industry to their own financial benefit.  They were arrested but lo, to everyone surprise they did not go to gaol and got completely off.  Brian was stood down, but now he springs up again, without any shame and is Deputy Premier of Tasmania.  My personal opinion he should have been taken out and publicly whipped in the Hobart Mall and in regards to John White…well, Mr White is ‘red’ as anything, but like any good Socialist he does not mind jumping on the capitalist bandwagon from time to time. Living in the prestigious suburb of Hobart called Battery Point he is one of these – what I call – “chardonnay drinking socialist” who are found everywhere.

Greens Education Minister in the Giddings Government, Nick McKim, endorses Lara’s move to legalise homosexual marriage.  Nick on television was recently in awe in how Tasmania “decriminalise homosexuality in 1997”.  Nick was wrong on this and he jolly ought to know it.  Tasmania never did have any law against homosexuality, but it did have a law against the homosexual act – sodomy.

Mind you, while baby-face Lara and her cohorts are promoting this social issue the State is in a severe economic down-turn, with small businesses facing grave difficulties, even closure.  But don’t worry about that when there is the issue of pushing through homosexual marriage. The other problem that Lara may have to face is an Upper House, the Tasmanian Legislative Council, which may indeed vote down the proposal.  Lara has called Will Hodgman, Leader of the Opposition, “coward” for not supporting her move, but Lara doesn’t even answer polite letters that does not agree with her on the issue.  Who is the coward Lara?

Other issue: Headings towards Tasmania is the largest fishing trawler in the world, which will be used to rape our fishing resources as the bequest of the State’s Fishery Department.  This has put the fear of god into many Tasmanians, including the professional and recreation fishermen, the tourist industry, the environmentalists and the general public.  How Lara is to handle this I am not sure, as her Green colleagues and no doubt for political reason because you never know if they are ever sincere on any issue, is not supporting the introduction of this monstrosity.  The Labour Government and the Liberal Opposition are endorsing its entry into Tasmanian waters, but as on many issues, our so-called representatives do not necessarily represent us, but rather their own political and financial interest.  Big business of course will love to see its introduction for short-term profit, but environmentally and long-term fishing, it will be an absolute disaster.