The riots and outrageous behaviour of illegal boat people CANNOT Be tolerated..We’ve HAD enough!

Since it began the world wide TEA Party movement particularly our american cousins have supported immigration….BUT NOT Illegal Immigration!

We in Australia strongly concur with this. And have been including this video in our what we believe series for members. … and while it is specific to America the principles easily translate to the Australian Context.

We will include content from many sources that suppoorts basic TEA Party philosophy.

Recently we have had an article respectfully submitted by the APP for our website …and while we may not agree with posts elsewhere or everything and everyone associated with the APP ( or the Liberal party for that matter) we will seek as with many other sources to fairly present this content on the issue it addresses.

Send the Illegal boats back!

Before the 2010 Federal election Gillard said, “She would stop the boats” and also “establish an offshore processing centre”. In her deceiving words this would be a top priority of a re-elected Labor Govt”. Gillard is a compulsive liar and cannot be trusted on this issue or any other issue facing our nation. Gillard is a liar on all counts. Gillard also said before the last Federal election, “A boat ride to Australia would just be a ticket back to regional processing centre”. Well, where are these fictitious processing centres? Gillard and her lies have been elevated for all to see, no wonder she is known as Pinocchio in the media.

Over a year ago the Patriots of The APP held a protest at the Villawood Hilton to highlight Labor’s hopeless stance on border protection and the situation has only deteriorated. It is obvious for all to see, Labor and the Greens are more concerned in discriminating against Australians esp. the forgotten people living in poverty and over 150,000 Australians living it rough on the streets every night. This government is a racist outfit due to its position giving preferential treatment to criminals entering Australia illegally while neglecting those Australians in genuine need.

Last year Labor and the Greens assisted 6,879 illegal boat people to claim permanent residency in Australia – the largest number of illegal boat people since 1976. In 2009 2,849 illegal boat people entered Australian waters to access the perpetual gravy train of rorts at taxpayers expense. On 8th February 2008 Labor ended the successful Pacific Solution by announcing the processing centres of Nauru and Manus would close. Labor also abolished temporary protection visas in 2008 and brought in permanent visas for the criminals of the high seas. Between 2002 and 2008 only 449 illegal boat people entered Australia by sea due to the fortress like success of the Pacific Solution. In the past 2 years alone 9,728 illegals have entered Australia with over 90% being accepted as refugees by stacked unhygienic and dishonest tribunals working against the interests of the Australian people.

Labor and the Greens are currently on a taxpayer funded spending spree opening new detention centres and upgrading others. Labor have announced plans for a 1,5000 bed detention centre outside of Darwin at Wickham Point. An existing detention centre at Darwin Airport will be upgraded to accommodate 400 illegals. Scherger RAAF base near Weipa will continue to house illegal detainees. The soiled Labor Govt. will also commission another two new detention facilities at Inverbrackie in SA and Northam in WA to cater for 1,900 illegals. The news keeps getting worse with another new detention centre opening in Pontville, TAS to accommodate 250 illegals boat people. This is your money ladies and gentlemen, pissed up against the wall with no regard for border protection nor the sovereignty of our nation.

Just last month the “holiday seekers” on Christmas Island went on a rampage for one week. These “freeloaders” burnt down buildings and used violence against Federal Police and staff. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said, “The actions of the rioters could affect their visa applications”. Could?????. This sort of anti-Australian behaviour should not be tolerated – the thugs should be deported immediately.

On Sunday, 17thApril 2011 members and supporters of APP(and others) gathered at Villawood detention centre to protest against Labor/Green government inaction on border protection policy. Sunday’s rally was peaceful and orderly unlike the carnage that was let loose on Wednesday 20thApril. The trouble started when two illegal’s climbed onto the roof of the main centre demanding to meet Immigration officials and also insisting they be granted visas. These two ungrateful and non-compliant illegal’s were soon joined by 11 others making the same demands, by Wednesday midnight over 100 illegals were involved, vandalising and setting fire to buildings. During the rampage an oxygen cylinder was torched leading to an explosion after 2am Thursday, which caused further damage to the affected area. The actions of these apparently uncontrollable felons caused millions of dollars of damage to the Villawood detention facility.

The ill named refugee advocacy groups should shoulder part of the blame due to their radical anti-Australian agenda to flood our nation with illegally imported third world masses. The dishonourable and miserable advocates within the fake refugee industry seem to be driving policy on this issue. Immigration policy regarding illegal asylum shoppers should not accommodate the emotive social engineers and their divisive demands. The left talk about the “moral obligation” and “the rights of illegals” but conveniently forget about the rights of the Australian people and our desire to have proper and effective border control policies in place to deter further breakdown of the immigration system. What about the rule of law!

Australia is defined by its borders and the rule of law. We are clearly losing our nation to the huddled third world masses illegally entering Australia by boat and also by plane. It is clear that Labor and the Greens are working against the wishes and interests of the Australian people, the Australian people have spoken firmly on this issue and we want the boats sent back. The time has come for Australians to stand shoulder to shoulder and demand an end to Gillard’s leaky boat diplomacy.

We’ve had a Pacific Solution,
Operation Relex,
Offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus,
an Indonesian solution,
even a half-baked East Timorese solution!….
but none have deterred the illegal boat people gaining access to our nation and robbing the treasure chest.

We need an Australian solution –send all the boats back!

Information on Illegal boat people arrivals since 1976

Nick from APP with some content and editing from the editor.