How much life has changed in the last 4 years, and the single biggest change in Australia’s history is we now have a Prime Minister and an Australian Government that no longer represents all Australians!! The current Gillard Government it seems now only represents those Australians that voted for ALP or The Greens.  It appears it has declared war against all the hard working Aussies that did not vote for them. in this case half of the electorate in Australia.  The PM made this clear this week in an attack on the Opposition leader Tony Abbott.  They are also only a Government for Australian families earning less than $150,000 because after this mark you earn too much to warrant any assistance and now have to finance those on lower wages. At $150,000 you may get up to $3.00 a year compensation, have to pay higher Private Health Benefits, will be funding Dental health Care and Carbon Tax as well as no rebates through Familytax for students. This will mean you are worse off than many lower paid workers who do less hours and may have a lower cost of living, but you are regarded as wealthy because you are on the other side of the Bridge.  It also means this Government does not recognise you as a ‘Real Person”, coming from a “Real Family”, and living in the “Real World”. This attack coming from a person that spends most of her time in Fairyland Hill, lives in ‘The Lodge’ and is the highest paid Political Leader in the World.  The person that has steered Australia into the biggest debt we have ever had, the person that has disregarded Democratic Process into the delivery of the Carbon Tax.  Has ignored public concern into the takeover of the over priced NBN, will not answer any questions in regard to anything not agreeing with her.  Does nothing than attack the opposition if the ALP is asked a question, protects MP’s who vote with her even when it is particularly damning evidence against the MP.  And is paying huge amounts to people or organisations that have backed the Government with questionable stats and reports in the last 4 years.

Yet these basics seem to have eluded Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who in a spectacularly ill-judged and just plain wrong move, has decided to take on Tony Abbott over the Opposition Leader’s place of residence. “Mr Abbott’s got to get off Sydney’s north shore and go and talk to some real families and get himself in the real world,” Ms Gillard said yesterday. She later repeated the dose inside parliament during question time, claiming: “It is only those who are cosseted on Sydney’s north shore that could fail to realise working families need relief.” There is one element in the Prime Minister’s spray that rings 100 per cent true. Working families certainly do need relief from rising costs of living. And the next big hit these families face is from the government’s very own carbon tax. That fact aside, the Prime Minister seems to be referencing some very unusual geographic and demographic data. For a start, Mr Abbott doesn’t live in the north shore. His house, purchased 18 years ago for the unremarkable sum of $350,000, is adjacent to the northern beaches in Forestville. If Ms Gillard really wanted to comment on north shore types, she should probably look to her own side of politics. Revered Labor elder statesman Gough Whitlam is a former student of Knox Grammar and Peter Garrett grew up in a privileged area and became massively wealthier before entering parliament. If cash alone is the issue, former prime minister Kevin Rudd manages to struggle by without flogging old Kevin 07 T-shirts on eBay. Ms Gillard’s line of attack is also flawed on social levels. The north shore has its wealthy components, as do many Sydney suburbs but it is also home to many renters, battlers and young adults seeking to begin their careers. It is an economically diverse area again, like much of Sydney. The Prime Minister’s argument rightly attracted a degree of criticism from many who questioned the level of her “real world” awareness. Having opened this line of argument, it is only fair that the electorate ask just how much someone of Ms Gillard’s unusual life experience and earning nearly half a million dollars per year can relate to anything “real”, as she would put it. We suggest that she find another avenue of criticism. In the meantime, a greater awareness of Sydney is clearly required. Perhaps Ms Gillard could ask her prime ministerial limousine driver to take her for a tour the next time she stays at Kirribilli House, on Sydney’s lower north shore. The Daily Telegraph   May 11, 2012 12:00AM

This trait was exhibited from the moment she took control of her Party and in her blatant and unrepentant lying and has in fact been becoming so erratic, members of her own Party are in turmoil. This PM and her Party speak against the wealthy, yet have given her Ministry pay rises between 31 and 41%  making herself the highest paid PM in the World, earning Mike Ely is founder and editor of the Kasama Project, a website and network devoted to building a communist movement in the United States.  He states:

A communist revolution will (of necessity) radically transform and restructure that production (its methods, its purposes, its outputs, its geographical distribution, its impact) — or else the revolution will neither be communist nor liberation.

We only need to visit the Socialist or Communist pages in Australia to know the Gillard regime has been utilising parts of many, not as much of the Fabians now, as she grew greedy and impatient, or she could have used her position over a number of years to do damage most of us would never have seen coming.  This was always her problem, she wants things no, not willing to wait, maybe even a factor her her choice not to have a baby ( I am not belittling that choice ). Australians have accepted someone made a mistake in voting for her, but strangely no one claims to have voted that way, including a few who are ashamed of their foolish choice.