The Truth Keeps Coming out!

I have noticed that there is a marked reduction of comments  concerning the Global Warming Scam .. The facts of course are ever increasing.To help counter this trend i am posting the following discussion resource that I recently received  in an email. Thank you John Droz. There are some most interesting articles below. Whoever put this together deserves a round of applause.

Oh and I simply have to pass this on:
     10 years ago the USA had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope.Now they have no Jobs, no Cash, and no Hope.

Some Recent Energy Articles of Interest  —

More reports about the failure of wind energy:

“The more people know about wind energy, the less they like it” — is a public statement made by a wind energy proponent
“Gas Against Wind” is a must read <<>>.
A really good article about CO2 savings from wind energy <<>>.
A new study by physicist and energy expert Dr. Kees Le Pair: “Wind Turbines Increase CO2 Emissions” <<>>.
“Lessons from Lemmings” is about the folly of wind energy <<>>.
This article from an independent Maine investigative journalist made some good observations about wind energy
More reports about turbine health matters:
Local citizens were lied to regarding wind acoustics <<>>.
More reports about wind energy costs:
A fine article about how wind costs do not properly factor in its intermittency <<>>.
“Politicians write the press releases first and worry about the taxpayer losses later” in Your Cash for Their Clunkers (which directly applies to the wind energy situation)<<>>.
The capital city of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, recently filed for bankruptcy. The major reason listed was the expenses they incurred for a renewable energy project <<>>.
Misc energy reports:
“Debating Greenpeace on ‘Green Energy’” <<>>.
“GOP Lawmakers Challenge the White House regarding Scientific Misconduct” raises the core issue of the politicalization of science:
Good news (due to local citizen efforts) about a Cape Cod wind project <<>>.
Way too many young people have been propagandized about our energy and environmental matters. We need to educate our youth about energy and environmental realities, and encourage them to speak out about what will be their future. The type of activity we need to support is like <<>> which is run by two high school students.
Within a few minutes of writing the above entry I saw this insightful discussion about the “Pervasive Propagandizing” of our students <<>>.
Some recent global warming articles of interest —
The US GAO office confirmed the investigative work done by Anthony Watts and others, that numerous US temperature stations had serious deficiencies <<>>.
Cardinal Pell (Sydney Australia) has a wonderful discussion about global warming <<>>. We need more religious leaders to stand up and speak out like this.
“A Global Warming Challenge for Liberals” <<>>.
A very good article about consensus science <<>>.
Some other recent articles of general interest —
“Why the Grass Seems Greener” is an intellectual tour-de-force that explains a lot of the environmental movement <<>>.
Please watch this video which enumerates several unknown aspects of the proposed national health care plan <<>>.
As another sign that the Apocalypse is nigh, Louisiana just passed a law that prohibits the use of cash for selling second hand goods (think garage sales): with the penalty being at least $1000 <<>>.
Please pass this information on to other open-minded, science-oriented people.
John Droz jr.,
physicist & environmental advocate
Fellow: American Tradition Institute (<<>>)
Have deone so John..
Aussie Pete