The Climate Reality Project Australia offers free presentations on the reality of climate change and promotes solutions.

The Climate Reality Project Australia  is a program of the Australian Conservation Foundation and a branch of  The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit organisation founded and chaired by the much denounced Al Gore.

We support a group of diverse and dedicated volunteers who have been personally trained by Mr Gore. Climate Reality Project presenters work to educate the public and their communities about the reality of climate change and promote both local and global solutions.

The Climate Reality Project has supported the work of more than 450 presenters in Australia and the Asia Pacific and more than 3,000 in 57 countries around the world.

Presenters have delivered 70,000 presentations to a global audience of 7.3 million.

Climate Reality Project presenters come from diverse backgrounds and include business leaders, professionals, educators, athletes, musicians, scientists, actors, students and religious leaders. The Climate Reality Project has nine official branches that support our presenters — Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America and China.

Australia-based presenters have now presented to one in 62 Australians.

Look at the damage Al Gore’s lies have done, and the stupidity of supposed educated people who have swallowed these lies hook line and sinker, because of the way they were delivered and so started formulating data that would support the theory rather seek out a theory.

They have convinced Socialists, who really will lap up a juicy well presented theory regardless of proof, and they through sheer numbers, money pumped into the fight, Universities that became corrupted into the belief and sheer inundation got through to members on the right side of politics also, only in smaller numbers.

Al Gore has been discredited by scientists, he has been found by a UK Magistrate to have 9 scientific lies in his film.

  1. Sea Levels will NOT rise by 20 ft.
  2. Pacific Atolls are NOT being inundated
  3. Ocean Conveyor is not being shut down
  4. CO2 levels and rise in temperatures is NOT an exact match
  5. Scientists have NOT decided that Mt. Kilimanjaro’s snow recession is attributed to Global Warming
  6. Insufficient evidence that Global warming was drying up Lake Chad
  7. Global Warming did NOT cause Hurricane Katrina
  8. Polar Bears are not drowning because of Global Warming
  9. Insufficient proof Coral reefs are being ‘bleached’ by Global Warming.
All of these were made to be evidence of Global Warming and it’s impact and all of these appear to be simply NOT the truth.  But does this mean his trained mouth pieces have adjusted their material accordingly, or not?   I think I could guess at this one and be right.
The Climate Reality Project supports the work of more than 450 presenters in Australia and the Asia Pacific and more than 3,000 in 57 countries around the world.
Presenters have delivered 70,000 presentations to a global audience of 7.3 million.
“I’m proud to be associated with the Australian Conservation Foundation and the documentary Telling the Truth,” said Ms Blanchett.  “There has never been a more important time to make a difference on climate change or for Australian leadership on this vital issue.”
Telling the Truth begins with UK comedian Mark Watson, who chose to deliver his first Climate Project presentation to 1500 people at the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It reveals the presenters’ motivations for becoming involved in the Climate Project and their hopes for the future.As well as Mark Watson, Telling the Truth tracks the journeys of Nick Towle, a doctor from Burnie, Tasmania, who is concerned at the global health issues that might result from even a slight increase in the earth’s surface temperature; Vanessa Morris, a mother of two and former ABC broadcaster, who broke down after seeing An Inconvenient Truth; and Jocelyn Uibo, a school registrar from Numbulwar in east Arnhem Land.Jim Thomson, an electrical contractor from Kalgoorlie, WA, reveals how seeing An Inconvenient Truth brought about the realisation that he had personally contributed to the increase in carbon dioxide levels recorded since 1958. Former professional rugby player Alex Kanaar gives a Climate Project presentation to his team mates in the NSW Waratahs and secondary school student Linh Do tells how she hopes being a Climate Project presenter will not only educate others about climate change but also dispel negative assumptions about Generation Y.The documentary was funded by the Nelson Meers Foundation and has an original score by Mark Seymour.

So if Al Gore is the Architect of this then he is the one to be sued into non existence due to the cacophony of lies perpetrated by him in the creation of this scam movement and the incalculable damage to the world through this cult’s lies and misinformation funded by Al Gore.  According to his presenters it is their work that has fooled the world, and Australia into believing Global warming exists, then as their lies are debunked, the world needs to sue Gore for the damage he has done.