The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that the Australian Government’s $4 million carbon tax manifesto was a litany of lies in a bucketful of bribes.The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that the government advertising was so biased and deceptive that the government should conduct a referendum before introducing a carbon tax.

“If a referendum was held, the “No Carbon Tax” case would soon expose the lies in the current deceptive document.”

“The first lie is to claim that a tax on carbon dioxide will “cut pollution”. It is blatant false advertising to use “pollution” to describe a rare colourless non-toxic natural gas which is generated in the lungs of all animals and feeds all plants by fertilising the oceans and the atmosphere.

“It is another lie to claim that a carbon tax “will protect the economy”. The reverse is true. It will reduce the asset values, share prices, profits, dividends and growth of our biggest companies, destroy jobs and waste community savings on piddling power schemes like wind and solar energy.

“It is another lie to insinuate that a carbon tax will reduce “droughts, heat waves and bushfires”. Where is the evidence?

“Finally, it is electoral bribery to use carbon tax receipts to buy votes from pensioners, retirees, families, tax payers, carers, students and tenants. These bribes can never compensate for the job losses, reduction in retirement nest eggs, and increased living costs for everyone.

“The carbon tax manifesto is a dishonest document full of lies, deceptions and electoral corruption.”

Viv Forbes