Carbon Tax Favours Foreigners.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that Australia’s proposed carbon tax will favour foreigners at the expense of Australians.


The Chairman of “Carbon Sense” Mr Viv Forbes said that “with the Kyoto foolishness collapsing, it was unwise of the Gillard government to impose more costs than our competitors will face.”

“Coal produces the cheapest electricity in most areas of the world, especially in the modern clean power stations being constructed in Asia and India. Many of these plants will rely on imports of high quality Australian coal and the cheap power they produce will be supplied to Asian manufacturing and processing plants competing with Australian industry.”


“The aim of the carbon tax is to increase the domestic cost of carbon fuels like coal, oil products and gas. This is designed to force Australian industry and consumers to use high-cost non-carbon energy options like wind and solar power. In many industries such as transport, green energy is not feasible and the carbon tax will thus merely add to the costs of fuel”.


“The Green/ALP carbon tax coalition is thus asking Australian industry and exporters to use expensive energy while we supply cheap energy to their competitors.”


“This policy of cheap energy for foreigners but not for locals is a path signposted with promises of paradise, but paved with poverty for those forced to tread there.”


Viv Forbes