Julia Gillard = The Grim Reaper  for  Jobs 

“Its all about jobs” – Says Julia Gillard  “ I am the right person for this job” ……. Well if killing Aussie jobs is the criteria… she certainly is right! This quote was in response to an urgent request by Manufacturing Workers Union official’s Paul Howes for his inquiry into the fact that at least 100,000 jobs are to go given the high Aussie dollar. This is even before the introduction of a Carbon Tax which will push up inflation as the cost of living rises thereby forcing the hand of the Reserve Bank to re-visit interest rates, a booming commodities market all combining in a perfect storm to push the dollar higher thereby decimating this sector and the small businesses that rely on it. An incompetent Labor/Greens government led by Ms Gillard refuses to have such an inquiry …..prompting Labor Senator stalwart Doug Cameron himself to call her stance both irresponsible and dumb.

That’s right, a Labor Senator having the guts to call it as it should be called when it comes to the governments approach on business. No spin and no BS

“Irresponsible and Dumb.”

Meanwhile back in the land of the irresponsible and dumb that is this governments own cabinet rooms, another Labor Minister Bill Shorten has set forth the agenda for the area of advice oriented businesses.  These are the local accountant, tax lawyer even the humble financial advisor. These folk that have the unenviable job of watching over the finances of thousands of us mere folk and the millions of small business owners and seeking to minimize our tax burden and guide us in all matters financial.

For these people, the cost of their advice and the affordability to you and I is about to increase as a result of overbearing red tape for their industry that will ensuring that fewer of us will be able to get advice from professionals due to the cost.Now, this absolutely annoys me as the government seeks to manipulate our superannuation funds by introducing a death tax…that’s right folks,  a death tax, fiddle around with family trusts, introduce more horrendous taxes such as a mining and carbon tax, drive up the costs of living and  yet would like us all to be dumb and uniformed so that we would blindly go along and pay exorbitant taxes bestowed on us by a bunch of incompetent fools that, lets face it, cannot even run a school canteen, let alone Government. Their arrogance knows no limits.

Now, imagine for a moment that you were an investor in a company called Australia.  Thanks to its management, you have seen your invested funds thrown into wasteful thought bubbles that promised to give value but has decimated the value of your investment only to have management of the company ask you for more money.  Would you demand the removal of management like this?  Should the investor or in this case us taxpayers allow ministers as incompetent to be rewarded by way of exorbitant salaries. The answer should be No right ?

This is the current government. and it is turning brand Australia into a laughing stock the world over.Is it any wonder they do not know how business works, have little interest in its causes, yet in a stance of stupidity and hypocrisy say, its all about jobs according to madam Julia.

Julia Gillard = The Grim Reaper  for  Jobs .


The Numbers Guy