I can’t understand this Regime, I can’t call it a Government as it does not represent the majority of Australian people. The lowest of all acts have been the constant attack on Aussie Soldiers:

  • Inadequate body armour,
  • lack of bedding,
  • soldiers facing court over the killing of civilians, when they have been involved in fire fights with the enemy.  An inquiry is always worthwhile as it may lead to safer practice, but these proceedings are from an unjust Australian Government.
  • insufficient compensation for injuries incurred in combat,
  • no compensation for a second injury the same as first,
  • insufficient escorting of the bodies for those that died overseas.
  • injured under pressure to return to action, even if not fully recovered,
  • conditions being slashed from diggers while they are fighting overseas for our country,
  • insufficient support for the families of those serving overseas,

It seems more that the country is being run by someone who actually hates Australians, for they are taking swipes at us in all areas, we have boat arrivals at an alarming rate and the solution is now to let them roam free into Society.  Mining Magnates get permission to bring in 1713 Labourers from overseas, although the same week saw over 2500 workers made redundant, and unemployment rising.  A Carbon Tax has been introduced, although Carbon Trading is dead in Europe America, and Canada, It is also unlikely any Asian country will participate in any Carbon Trading scheme.  Further, it has been declared by a majority of prominent US Scientists that the data used to support Global Warming was not accurate, Polar Bear numbers have actually increased


The Polar Ice Caps have actually increased in size, not decreased as the alarmists announced.


And still although the weight of evidence is against the need for a Carbon Tax, and the majority of Australians do not want a Carbon Tax, the government says it knows best and we will have it whether we like it or not.  They hold the majority of Australians in such contempt they have build in Legislation meaning to roll back the Carbon Tax, will cost us $billions also.  A Government with respect for their country would never do this, they would respect if the people decided they did not want a program, then that is the choice of the people, and would not penalise us for wanting to get rid of a policy we never asked for or accepted.

They also introduced Legislation for a Clean Energy program and as they are to lose Government in 2013 they arranged for payment in advance for the next 5 years to stop us being able to get rid of it without a penalty.  This is the action of a Socialist Party that hates Australians and all we stand for, they are trying to win over the lower salaried workers in society while shutting down the very businessmen that employ them.  It is a Government not for the people,  It is a Government against the people of Australia and the values we hold dear.  It is a Government that must never be elected into Government again, for it could mean the end of Australia as a Democratic and free thinking society.