I got the below and thought, at last they are going to stand up and be counted, then I saw they have the cheek to ask us for money, after getting a bigger pay rise than I get in 2 years I wonder just how much THEY are donating?

I want to know what they are fighting with for a donation, because it has been all jumping up and down and yelling so far ?

Will you join our campaign?

Dear subscriber,

From 1 July, Australia will be hit with the world’s biggest Carbon Tax.

This Labor-Greens Carbon Tax will damage our national economy, destroy jobs, diminish superannuation returns and increase the price on everything. And it will get bigger and bigger.

My commitment, on behalf of the Coalition, is that if elected to Government, we will immediately legislate to abolish the Carbon Tax.

We need your help now in our campaign to ensure that the Carbon Tax is removed.

With the Carbon Tax starting on 1 July the Coalition will continue campaigning against this destructive tax. We will also be promoting our strong positive policy alternatives designed to restore Hope, Reward and Opportunity for all Australians.

Please consider making a donation to the Liberal Party today.

Thanks for your support.


Tony Abbott
Leader of the Opposition

Editor’s note: There is another great reason to donate before 30 June – donations by individuals to political parties between $2 and $1,500 per annum are tax deductible.

As we have been digging into our own pockets for a few years now to fight against this Carbon Tax, maybe we need to send them a request for donations ?