We the people have spoken, have our beige politicians heard us or are they still scurrying around trying to form government?

Australia August 2010 a national federal election, two weeks later as the politicians scurry about trying to form government, have they let in the message that grass roots Australia sent them?

We the people are tired of your school yard antics. Our expectation is that as your employers you represent our needs appropriately. We require you to get to know us. It’s not that hard, knock on our doors, we will invite you in and give you a cup of tea and a bicky.

We will tell you in simplistic, simple language what our needs and desires are. We will vote for you and keep you on office if you meet our key performance indicators and deliver what you have said you will.

If you can’t deliver what you have promised, resign! We will then do an interview with other qualified candidates for the job of best representing our interests and we the people reserve the right to sack you if you do not fulfill your employment contract with us.

Eighty percent of Australians are conservative. We use conservative not in the political labeling sense that you do, no we use it in the sense that we as Australians coming from an immigrant culture are used to change, we expect change and adapt to it well. We don’t like radical change; we do not need the fabric of society to be torn asunder, so that you can feel you have accomplished something.

Our expectation, if you are listening is that you will subscribe to our values, that you will get to know what we need and supply it.

That from you doing your job, in listening to what we have to communicate, that you will come up with a sustainable vision for the present and the future of our country that will make life better for all the diverse elements of our multicultural society.

For that is the true magnificence of the Australian people a inclusive multicultural society that is uniquely of Australia, a society that chooses to respect the diversity of the cultures that have immigrated to this land and that also respects the culture and heritage of the first nations on this continent. It is this sustainable vision, these cultural and conservative values that we the people require of you, those who would seek to represent us, to represent these values and this vision to the rest of the planet. A leadership vision of appropriate sustainable change.

We are not interested in your in fighting. We are interested in value for money. When you put your hands in our back pockets, our purses and our wallets we expect the highest standards and the biggest bang for our buck that is possible. You choose to lead us; we expect the highest ethical standard while you preserve your humanity.

We expect consensus not on party lines, but on the reality that the eighty present of us face on a daily basis.

Yes we well know how you have used tribalism to divide and control us. The tribal labels of liberal, labor, greens, democrat and national can no longer be used to control us, nor can it be used to get your particular beige team into power.

If you didn’t get it from this election result, we will put it in the clear, you all look the same to us. If you really want to have a mandate for the power you will yield as our representatives, have the intestinal fortitude to come up with policies. with a Vision. Enroll and engage us, if you have done your job and spoken with us, listened to us, you will actually know what we want and therefore be able to come up with the policies we will vote for.

If you don’t, get used to hung parliaments with a hostile senate and the frustration of going down in history as that group of people who where so hungry for the trapping’s of power that they failed to represent the people and got nothing done.

We have spoken! Ahem…Are you listening?