Can Do Shall Undo The Damage Done.

Queensland premier Campbell Newman is taking drastic action to get the state firing on all economic cylinders again. As part of the LNP’s rescue mission to pay back billions of Labor Party debt Can Do is going to have to live up to his nickname and put spare money back into the pockets of struggling Queenslander’s and to do that, the cost of living must come down in the form of water, electricity and registration costs.

The Newman government has been given the ultimate mandate to mow down thousands of unneeded biro pilot state government department jobs which the ALP was responsible for creating with wanton unaccountable recklessness to give thousands of Labor mates a job for the sake of it.

The spending cuts axe began virtually the night after the thumping LNP election victory, but there are still heaps of bureaucrats in Queensland who have to go for the sake of restoring the state budget to the point where treasurer Tim Nicholls can fund all the election promises which were made by Newman.

The premier announced today in a media statement that the state budget has been pushed back to September from its normal June timeslot to allow all his frontbenchers, and in particular Nicholls, time to audit their departments and put a fiscal broom through them to cut down on waste and therefore slash expenditure.

This is a welcome announcement, and is in keeping with Newman’s dedication before the election to come good for the greater good of Queensland by doing what has to be done to reduce the burden on taxpayers and making sure unlike Labor politicians that every taxpayer dollar is accounted for.

On a slightly more critical note, the push by deputy premier and Minister for Regional Development Jeff Seeney to have existing and future development at the coal and CSG export terminals along the Queensland coast made exempt from any federal environmental assessment is both unnecessarily politically motivated and quite simply far too cocksure for someone who has only been a minister for three weeks.

At first even Campbell Newman was singing the same tune at the COAG premiers meeting in Canberra but he later retracted his demands for federal Labor to stay out of state development
assessment matters and has provided somewhat of an undertaking that he and his LNP government will work constructively with federal Labor to achieve the best outcome for both sustainable development along the Queensland coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

I wholeheartedly agree with Bob Katter as far as holding Campbell Newman to account for his pre-election promise that the LNP would uphold the World Heritage listed protection provided to the Great Barrier Reef.

At the same time I acknowledge that the only way that Campbell Newman can broker Queensland out of Labor’s quagmire of debt is to kickstart development.

As long as development is sustainable and doesn’t involve coal seam gas wells or open cut
coal mines on any cropland, I back Newman and the LNP all the way.

Tim Badrick For The Editors