From the day he was elected as premier to salvage Queensland from a deep hole of ALP bankruptcy as deep as the Marianas Trench, Campbell Newman and his right hand man Tim Nicholls inherited a state budget which could only be described as one unholy mess. To fix it, both Newman and Nicholls will need to put the broom through a public service which is top heavy with overpaid fat-cats, as well as instigate more radical cost cutting amputations targeting the same crowd. A prime example being the one which Newman announced today, flogging off South Bank Corporation and giving control of South Bank back to the Brisbane City Council.

No doubt aided by the LNP monopoly on power and amicable relationship between Newman and Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk the decision by Newman to do this is a very sensible one indeed. One which ends a rather inappropriate politicised involvement between the state government of the day and South Bank Corporation and one which will help Newman no end to raise some much needed capital to fund and keep his taxpayer friendly election promises.

Newman has also intervened to stop a childish and costly dummy spit between two Queensland Government affiliated sporting entities which have been suing one another. Both should be privatised by the Newman government or simply put out of their taxpayer draining misery.

Besides what Newman announced today with the scuttling of South Bank Corporation serious questions need to be asked as to the future of other highly politicised government controlled entities, one being the Crime and Misconduct Commission. I am not suggesting  that the CMC should be axed altogether, it will continue to have a significant role to play in Queensland to maintain accountability in the public service and at all levels of government regardless of whether or not it started out more as an excuse for an ALP witch-hunt against conservative politicians and pro-right police officers in the post Fitzgerald Inquiry era.

Nonetheless, the CMC still sucks up millions more of taxpayers money every year than it should. Obviously to function properly and efficiently, the CMC requires an adequate amount of on the ground investigators to be employed, what it doesn’t need is a small army of desk jockeys who constantly duplicate what any half intelligent junior constable straight out of the police academy could resolve in one foul swoop. The CMC should be the next port of call for the LNP razor gang.

Tim Badrick for the Editors