Election promises are very easy to make on the spare of the moment when the media provides a politician an opportunity to put on a spiel to win over swinging voters. Judging by the final result Campbell Newman didn’t even need swinging voters to trounce the ALP at the March 24 poll, he got the vote of at least two-thirds of stalwart ALP voters who never voted for a conservative government in their life, all those who felt betrayed and disenfranchised by a corrupt and stale ALP government which had betrayed all those in the working class category whose loyalty to the party was nearly always a lifelong attachment.

The fact that the ALP at a federal level and in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia is not even winning over a third of the population anymore indicates a downward spiral which can mostly be attributed to having hardcore socialist and globalisation careerists ripping the heart and soul out what was once a true, bread and butter working class party.

Getting off the subject now, forgive me, I just had to throw my tuppence worth in about the ALP and why I believe the party is stuffed – because it’s marginalised its own blue collar voter base, right across the spectrum – that’s why!

Now talking once again about Campbell Newman, he and the Minister for Main Roads, Scott Emerson, have been made to look sloppy at the very least, if not deceitful, with the news that one of the LNP’s fundamental core election promises, that being a 3 year freeze on vehicle registration costs, might be very short lived due to an unenvisaged price hike by CTP insurance providers, a fee which of course makes up a component of the overall cost of registering a vehicle.

Although Mr Newman is ‘technically’ not to blame for not having a crystal ball prior to the election and having CTP providers spring this dirty surprise on him and the LNP government, most Queenslanders who voted for change with the LNP rightfully won’t take yet another vehicle registration price hike on the chin without there being some major micro-political fallout for the LNP.

It’s the same deal for both sides of politics, in the heat of campaigning aspiring leaders have to make sure they do their homework and get proper costing’s completed before they make election promises they can’t keep, and have an understanding of any possible variables such as insurance companies jacking up CTP premiums far in excess (once again) of the consumer price index (CPI).

I am not blaming Campbell Newman for this unexpected rego increase courtesy of the greedy and ruthless insurance companies but he is duty bound here to make sure the LNP government introduces regulatory legislation which will prohibit all insurance companies from ever again increasing CTP premiums above the CPI. Anything less is simply not good enough.

Tim Badrick for the Editors.