We all know my views on this Socialist Government and we all agree we need them out of Government as soon as possible, they have attacked or aimed their attacks on our Democracy, our lifestyle, our rights, our economy, and our Constitution.

And we are charged with making sure their actions are shown for what they are and point out how damaging to Australia these are.  But we will win, we know that their loss at the next election will happen, and proud of the knowledge that the majority of my friends and colleagues have played a major part in the downfall of the worst Government in Australia’s history.

Now though I am looking to what we will have in it’s place, and reminding people we will have got rid of this threat to Australia, now though we need to give the Opposition a kick in the pants and make it clear, if the Australian people are to make them responsible for clearing this mess and giving us renewed hope for our future, we expect them to have done the work prior to taking Government, on their policies and making their process transparent.  I have listed my opinion on things we deserve to see change..

‘The Coalition’ led by Tony Abbott claim they are worth the pay rise they just got, I will go on record as saying “No they are not”  It is claimed you have to pay well to get good people, well we are paying ridiculously well and still have the same faces, so that hasn’t worked, Why ?  I can answer this easily, because the parties preselect for the seats and so we will get the same old same old.  The only good politicians, are there to make a difference, the pay doesn’t come into it, although the prestige would.  So why aren’t I fawning over the Coalition ?

We have heard Tony’s big speech we will repeal the Carbon Tax, however, we also have started to hear little mutterings that it may not be able to be completely got rid off.  This is Abbott’s plan for his ETS he has always wanted, however, there is one problem, this is saying firstly there is a Emissions problem, and man made Climate Change exists ?  But didn’t we just get rid of the liars of that idea in Australia ?  So we won’t rely on honesty from Mr Abbott on Climate Change.

The Remuneration Commission paid politician a massive 30+% pay rise and not one word in opposition, so they are willing to sell out, damn, didn’t we get rid of that mob ?  A true for the people Opposition would have stood in Parliament and refuted this as just and fair, and refused to take such a outlandish pay rise, instantly winning the next election by a tidal wave, but sadly, NO the greed shone through.

The cost to the Community of the NBN must immediately be put on hold, while they decide exactly how to ensure this is not a Government or Private monopoly a fortune is being taken in wages for this white elephant, it now must be ensured it becomes a part of the existing competition, and let them fight for memberships, just not for Telstra, they are ripping people off with Big Pond even now.

The Education Revolution, well they have had enough handouts already, and let’s see a policy on Curriculum that takes into account the balance of Learning and sports and social interaction.  The crazy amount of homework foisted on our students are making it almost impossible to fit in sports teams during the week, and this team play has a important role in their Social education and well being.

Do as you say on Asylum seeking boat arrivals, turn them around, use Nauru, and introduce the bridging visas and TPV’s  (Temporary Protection Visa) again.

Withdraw from the UN, they have become nothing but a Socialist breeding ground.

And of course massive changes, we must ensure no Government can do this to Australians again.  What must be, but Tony Abbott may not have the courage to prove he is different is, a Political Party must announce it’s reform platform before an election, fully costed, and have 18 months to start delivering on this promise or a new election will be called.  No new reforms, may be introduced before taking them to an election.    This will mean the Australian people have given a mandate for this policy and both houses should not be allowed to block it except as a matter of the wording of the bill and it’s procedural fairness.  The bill itself must be allowed to progress as the people have given a mandate.  If  a change has been made by the Government that fundamentally changes this reform from what has been shown to the Public, then it must be taken back to the people before delivery or returned to the original reform as was mandated by the people.

This must be the fundamental rule above all others, that it is the people who decide their destiny, not those that make up the Government.

And we must change the ridiculous Preferential voting system for individual seats, you either have majority support or you don’t, it is simple, and people can then be sure they are voting for the candidate they personally want, and not for a candidate preference through some deal..

We also need to know a politician who is under investigation for Fraud is either suspended pending a decision or unable to take part in the Parliamentary process where their input could influence a decision, for their vote or support cannot be reversed if they are found guilty of the charge.

And the Senior Public Servants must be replaced and their pays returned to an acceptable level.  The pay they have been given means they are open to ensuring a report will meet the Governments wishes rather than gathering the factual information.

Up to 92% of base grade public servants have been discarded since 1996. In fact between 2009 –2010 there has been up to a 18.9% purging of these staff.

However to contrast there has been up to a 103% increase in the Senior Executive Ranks of the Public Service, and a 6.9% increase in the most Senior staff of the Public Service between 2009 & 2010. of course after this Gillard regime boosting these numbers she ensured they were given a huge pay increase in line with the politicians, just to ensure their loyalty I would imagine, for the workers, the people the ALP is supposed to care about so much, only managed a 3% pay rise while their executive staff were given a 40% pay rise.

In the meanwhile what has happened to our Health system, very simple, it has gotten worse and the reason is more people have been forced back to the Public system, through cutting the rebate on Private Health insurance.   But the biggest factor for this failure is the ALP spent over $40 billion on the NBN and around $16-20 billion on the BER.   If even one half of this money went to our Health system it would have gone a long way towards improving the system.

So we must expect a real fix from The Coalition, no more lip service,  no more buck passing, you have had long enough in opposition to have spoken to those in the system and develop a workable solution for Health Care  Australians deserve a Government that is working for them again, and we assure you once you are back in power the spotlight will be on you to deliver to the Australian people and stop worrying about whether it will cost votes, just get it done, and Take Back Australia  from this pit of despair.

This is my voice and we would like to hear your voices in support or not, so that we can ensure a plan of action will be in place and we will keep Government honest in Australia in the future.


The Editors