Smarter Protesting?

They Were Protestors? …. Really? But They Well Dressed And Made Sense. With many protests you will often see a lot of people just hanging around, sometimes the protest gets the point across, sometimes it is ignored or referred to in a derogatory manner.

Sometimes the protest is seen as a disgrace and is successfully countered. Protestors are often casually dressed or scruffily dressed depending on their political orientation.

One stereotype of course is the scruffy protestor who chants a lot and probably doesn’t have a job.

There was a different type of protestor in Brisbane recently. Well dressed, attracting attention and making people think.

Tempe Harvey, who is currently protesting against the (almost certain to be legislated for) Carbon Tax was in Brisbane’s CBD on the corner of Adelaide and Edward Street at Queens Plaza.

Usually Tempe campaigns on her own. In early October she protested in Kevin Rudd’s electorate with a sign saying SMILE! NO CARBON TAX.

From her own report: “Motorists and shoppers outside Mr Rudd’s electoral office on Wynnum Road loved my sign. In the period from 1pm to 2pm – 97 people (mostly grinning from ear to ear) honked, waved or called out messages of support.

I waited a few more minutes to make it 100! Over the same period just 9 people shouted obscenities or gave me the “GREEN finger”. After 3 months of road-side campaigning in Brisbane’s other ALP-held seats, I know this tax is very unpopular but I was not prepared for the level of antipathy (100:9) against the tax in Queensland’s safest ALP seat.”

In Brisbane she was joined by Daniel Edmonds, a concerned father and citizen and they caught the attention of the lunchtime crowds.

Many people passing by Queens Plaza on Adelaide Street were in favour of their “repeal Carbon Tax” message. Some were against it but there was none of the rudeness she usually encounters.

Most people who stopped to exchange a few words were concerned that the Carbon Tax would achieve nothing. They were heartened by Tempe’s conviction that Australians would vote overwhelmingly to repeal the Carbon Tax at the 2013 federal election and that the tax would be dismantled.

News of the protest must have reached the Green side because shortly before Tempe and Daniel were scheduled to finish a counter-protestor arrived with a GO GREENS sign. Once again like the Max Brenner protests the Green side was outnumbered.

Daniel tried to ask the counter-protestor some questions but she said she did not want to speak to him.

With the Repeal Carbon Tax/Anti-Greens and the Pro Greens signs side by side the Greens supporter learned first hand that many people are against The Greens and the Carbon Tax.

At one point the pro Greens girl said “This is embarrassing.”

Shortly after Tempe and Daniel left, their Greens friend left as well. And who could blame her?

Of those who voiced an opinion outside Queens Plaza, 7 were for the Carbon Tax and 97 against.

This pair’s approach shows that you don’t need to be part of an unruly unwashed mob to get your message across. Be well dressed, be polite and most of all be right.

So if you ever ask yourself how you can change anything since there’s only one of you you’ll already have the answer.

You don’t need to be a part of a mob. You can do it. You can be heard.

Hear Tempe Harvey speak about her late September Sydney CBD protest

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Peter Perkins