Before we present the Awards just a few comments on other issues:

This Government not only has the highest paid and most useless Ministers in Australia’s history, it is losing so badly it has to use censorship and softening up measures to improve it’s voter profile with the very idiots, dinosaurs, and nut jobs it has been attacking.  Well changing laws to give you access to our Facebook account etc won’t stop us, and calling us names only shows how pathetic you have become.

Larry  Pickerings  website has been taken down for the umpteenth time because you don’t like his stories and don’t appreciate his captions.  I must admit I enjoy the cartoons by Pickering, although I can see at times they go a little bit too far, trouble is Ms Gillard a LOT of the time YOU go to far also, yet we can’t get you suspended otherwise Australia would be a better place.

I regard this as an extremely sexist attack on Mt Pickering by your cronies Ms Gillard.

I have done some research with Private organisations that deal with Government often and a comment that stands out and I have found most interesting is since 2008 the Federal Government is no longer as  transparent as it used to be and much harder to deal with as a result.  The people attending meetings can’t tell me any thing about the meeting as you have them sign a convoluted secrecy agreement. THIS is still the peoples Parliament Ms Gillard and we insist this practice stops, we are entitled to know what you talk about and not just from your releases. 

On top of this I still have a ‘wasp in the bonnet’ in regard to the horrendous pay rises you gave yourselves, and if Ms Gillard can’t remember I will remind her, it is the ones where you now get paid  for dictating to the people of Australia.  

Therefore I have great pleasure in Presenting the:

TEA Awards

“Total liar award”  goes to our PM Julia Gillard who now earns gets $495,000

“The world’s best bookkeeper (given for BOTH sets of books)”award is with Wayne Swan  getting $390,627 as the Deputy Prime Minister.  If you were a Treasurer, you would have received = $352,517

“The best plagiarised speech award”  goes to the Leader of the House Albanese who gets $333,462 pa.

“The never mind the cost, look at the classic old shed we built award for the BER” goes to Leader of The Government in the Senate Chris Evans  who only gets $352,517pa

Cabinet Ministers all receive $328,698

“The worst Cost Blow out award” must go to the hard lurking Stephen Conroy for the white  elephant they call the NBN,

“The worst  jello backbone award”  for not fighting against the defence cuts can only go to the much over-rated Stephen Smith

TheNever say die award ” had to belong to the still retired Boob Carr

The “Retire Already, Award” is firmly in the hands of Simon Crean , ,

” it is wrong to ban uranium export to the People’s Republic of China”  award for Martin Ferguson‘s defence of China. 

“look at how good my indigenous policies have worked” award goes to  Jenny Macklin for her ignorance of the truth.

“Greatest escape of responsibility for the deaths of 4 Pink Batt installers”  award is OWNED by Peter Garrett 

“The most Ineffectual Minister” award must go to Chris Bowen for his total inadequacy during the Asylum Seeker deluge,

The  ” World’s best parroting of a PM “ award is now safely in the hands of Nicola Roxon.

This next award speaks for itself  the Tony is a Burkeaward will be going to no other than Tony Burke,

The “Does any one know me “ award  goes to Joe Ludwig for his impression of the Invisible man,

“The Yapping Chihuahua”  award remains in the hands of Penny Wrong 

The ” I am late for the opera”  award goes to Craig Emerson for his immaculate dress sense”

 The “Watch me Manoeuvre for a leadership challenge” award is going to Greg Combet this month,

The ” antisemitism” award  must go to Tanya Plibersek  for her views on Israel,

” When will this scandal catch up with me” award has gone to Bill Shorten who has been dodging a few scandals recently.

The  Social Inclusion means having lunch with Conroy or Combet right” award   goes to Mark Butler who has not been dodging work, he just doesn’t have any.

The “Homeless Issue is too hard” award sits firmly in the trophy room of Brendan O’Connor

Ministry  receive salary of $300,116

The “Let’s do Lunch”  award goes to Kate Ellis 

The Idig, Indigo,Idigi.. oh….. Aboriginal knowledge “ award goes to Warren (The Invisible Man) Snowdon

The “just keep trying to get it right we can’t expect more” award goes to  Gary Gray

The “Bob Carr’s boy Jason Clare  award,

The “How did I get here” award, Kim Carr

” the tell me what you want me to do” Julie Collins award,

 International Top 10 People Changing the World of Internet and Politics” award already went to Kate Lundy   So:
“The TEA must watch this person” award goes to Kate Lundy

” I want the Treasurers pay”  cos he isn’t using it award goes to David Bradbury.

Now just to finish off is the pay of the Parliamentary Secretaries

Parliament Secretary & Manager of Government Business in the Senate = $257,242

Jacinta Collins

Parliamentary Secretary $238,187

Richard Marles,  Mike Kelly,  Jan McLucas, David Feeney, Don Farrell, Mark Dreyfus, Justine Elliot, Catherine King, Sid Sidebottom, Bernie Ripoll, Sharon Bird