“On May 14, 2004, two policemen abducted Ms. Wang Yunjie while she was working in a shopping center and later sent her to the infamous Masanjia forced labor camp.

To break her will and force her to renounce Falun Gong, the police tortured her every day for the next six months with beatings, hanging her in the air, depriving her of sleep, solitary confinement, forcing her to stand or squat for days at a time, etc.

She was also forced to do hard labor for extended hours. In December 2004, after depriving her of sleep for many days, the police stripped her clothes and shocked her breasts with two electric batons for half and hour.
They then tied her up like a ball by forcibly bending her upper body down to her legs and handcuffing her arms behind her back.
While in that position, they hung her up by her wrists for seven hours.

The protracted torture severely damaged her body, the electric shocks disfigured her breasts, and her right breast became infected and festered. Even then, the labor camp continued to torture her for another six months.
Only when she was on the verge of death did the labor camp order her family to pay 2000 Yuan and take her home

Human rights violations in the People’s Republic of China remain systematic and widespread.

The Chinese government continues to suppress dissenting opinions and maintains political control over the legal system, resulting in an arbitrary and sometimes abusive judicial regime.”

This is who the Gillard regime wants us to get closer to, the people she is allowing to buy out land throughout our country, to bring their Navy into Sydney Harbour at her invitation and the model of Government most closely resembling the regime she has been moulding.

The problem is this form of ‘Progressive’ Communism means little because behind the scenes the above still occurs and is still hidden in the main part.  And the Gillard regime has shown it is willing to shut out anyone not a supporter of her Party.  She has shown if you disagree with them she not only gets angry, she becomes spiteful.  And regardless of what the people want, she will continue along her own path.  Sounding familiar ?  The HSU who have embarrassed her Government is under attack from her dogs because they spoke up, and they are now determined to find something to charge Ms Jackson with (Secretary of HSU).  This is the start, we know where it is heading, and we must ensure people wake up to the Gillard regime.  Even the NBN is the perfect vessel allowing a Communist regime to censor the Internet, and filter the content.  Yet people can’t see past the promised speed, which of course is not worth the money. It was not the best option, however it was the only option to give them a monopoly over the Internet, and of our Landlines.  We all know the Internet in China is highly filtered and monitored to make sure people don’t hear about what occurs in the dead of night.

I used to believe ALP was enough removed from the Communist agenda that Australia’s constitution and Democracy, could hold them in check, however this is no longer the case in Australia, we are now at a dangerous crossroads, that if we are not vigilant the mistakes from our recent past  will haunt us well into the future.


Kevin Hicks