Penny Wrong is still at it, playing the shame game. I took this from

”Legislative change will not be achieved unless those who call themselves Liberals show themselves to be just that,” she said. ”The party of personal choice refuses to allow choice on this most personal of issues. This cannot go unchallenged.”

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who is opposed to same sex marriage, sent a message of support to the conference.

”You have been able to recognise difference within our party, you have treated everybody with respect and you have worked cross-factionally to secure change,” she said. ”These achievements are testament to the values we share as members of our nation’s oldest and greatest political party, the Australian Labor Party.”

She now dares to tell the Liberals to be Liberals, The Party of person choice she says.  Maybe she is feeling lost because Labor is no longer Labor, they are no longer the Peoples party, they are losing their grass root members and all because of Wrongs, Gillard regime.  Before you decide to tell another party what to do, try doing it yourself, because you puppets all vote with the puppet master, no one dares disagree.

But more importantly the majority of Australians are starting to stand against these minority groups that believe they are entitled to what they want.  The great majority of Christian groups, as well as Muslims are against Gay marriage, and as soon as this socialist Government is shoved out the door you will find it never will be accepted in a Democratic Country with overwhelming religious values.

You truly suit your station in life the squeak in the corner that speaks up when Gillard says you can Wrong.

Australians will not support your desire for Gay marriage and it is my fervent hope to see formal adoption process as the only way a Gay couple can hope to have a child, and the birth certificates for such children to have their biological mother and Father only on them.