Democrat supporters are trying to make a big deal over Republicans wanting proof that Obama was born in the US.

Now, according to them, Republicans should be asking presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for his birth certificate.

Why would they though? There’s no doubts where Romney was born and it’s very likely the Republican party would have properly checked his credentials when he joined.

It’s the Democrats who are the ones who don’t think things like documents should be a concern so that alone can place doubts on where their candidates are from.

Romney is the Republican candidate, Obama wasn’t. They are obligated ask questions of their opponents. You can’t let just anyone in to run a nation like the US.

I don’t know how there could be any issue. Many jobs require you to show your birth certificate, some even require drug tests but the president can just waltz on in?

For me once he showed his certificate that was the end of the issue so I moved on to how Obama was mismanaging America and didn’t give his birth certificate another thought

In a way this is also very telling of Left wing attitudes in general. Republican supporters asked the Democrats candidate for his birth certificate so they have to ask their own candidate.

To that I say if they are ‘returning the favour’ then the Democrat supporters should be asking, it should be ‘you asked our candidate for his so we are going to ask yours’ but instead the Left have it as ‘you asked our candidate so you have to ask your candidate.

In other words, as usual, the Left are expecting someone else to do something for them.