Too Many Chiefs Not Enough ……..

This Government has determined to keep unemployment at bay by creating an Uber Public Service. Of course this is taxpayers money paying their wages, so we expect a Government to be responsible and not spend too much on the Public Service, as they do not make money. However this regime has decided this does not matter and in fact looking at the figures of Public Service numbers between 1996 and 2010 it becomes intriguing.

Up to 92% of base grade public servants have been discarded since 1996. In fact between 2009 –2010 there has been up to a 18.9% purging of these staff.
However to contrast there has been up to a 103% increase in the Senior Executive Ranks of the Public Service, and a 6.9% increase in the most Senior staff of the Public Service between 2009 & 2010.

Under this Gillard Government there is no longer looking after the rank and file, the Government gets rid of lower paid Public Servant, and hires Executive level staff instead.  This is the Gillard Governments way of controlling the Australian Public Service ( APS ), just add more bosses.

As can be seen in the table above The lower APS classifications APS 1-3 and trainees have been substantially reduced while the Executive levels have been increased significantly up to 100% in some cases.Great maybe for some in the APS, however, this has enormously created budget blowouts on wages throughout the APS.  I can only guess on the 2011 figures which again would have significantly increased in line with the above and this Governments penchant for creating jobs for the boys.

Now I didn’t conjure these figures they come from  Australian Public Service Employment Database, so the accuracy is beyond argument really.  What it shows us is they are creating Departments with high paid Public Servants, that will be willing to protect their pay regardless of what the Government may ask of them, in my opinion.

So as jobs are lost in the private sector, and the Government retains good unemployment figures, remember this, they are doing so at the expense of the taxpayer, not as a result of their policies, and this is not sustainable.  It will rely on the Coalition having higher unemployment when they come into power and dismantle the Carbon Tax, and of course the mega Dept of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency,  whose 2010 Senior staff amounted to :

  • 1 x Secretary
  • 3 x Deputy Secretaries
  • 8 x First Assistant Secretaries
  • 32 x Assistance Secretaries

The Secretary of a Department is directly responsible to the Minister, the rest of the group report to him in the order they appear above.
As SES pay is not generally Gazetted it is harder to find their pay scales, however. I can assure you the lowest classification of Executive Officer Level 1 ( EL1 ) will have a minimum pay in excess of $118,000 pa  and all this from the Government of supposedly the common man.

This is just one more reason why we will never let go, we must defeat this affliction on our Nation.


Regards Kev