Traditional owners in favour of Woodside Petroleum’s Browse gas hub say a $1.5 billion compensation deal will save lives and that they don’t want former Greens leader Bob Brown speaking for them, to much talking, especially rubbish is often referred to as humbug on Communities.

She also says, “what saddens me most is your complete disregard for Aboriginal people. I know you care about the whales and the dinosaur footprints, but what about people?”

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Jabirr Jabirr elders met with Dr Brown and Sea Shepherd Australian director Jeff Hansen in Broome on Monday to discuss the environmental activists’ opposition to the proposed $30 billion project, which has divided Western Australia’s far-north Kimberley community.

The Jabirr Jabirr people have a joint native title claim over the James Price Point site, 60 kilometres north of Broome, where Woodside wants to build what could potentially become the world’s biggest LNG processing plant.

This was a typical Greens move, with Boob deciding he knows what is best and grunting out the same inane words he has used for this past century, however, he met his match in a seemingly frail lady, who cares more about the Community than he could ever understand.

$1.5 Billion will have the possibility of creating something special on the Communities and they are willing to trade the use of certain lands for this amount, shows that it IS possible to care for the land, and still share it with big corporations when the trade-offs are good for the people of the land, this last bit is where we find a sagging Boob Brown unable to comprehend how you could use the land in order to make life better for humans.

This is a message for a lot of MP’s don’t think you understand these people because if you are thinking that way you are wrong.

The way to understand the people in these Communities is to live with them,  listen to them, watch them, accept any invitations to their ceremonies, and then with all this knowledge behind you, and now with that special insight into the people, when next you ask, you will find, you still know nothing, because the answer was not what you thought it would be.  Accept what you are told it may seem they put no thought into their decisions, however, these decisions, are well thought out and have been formed over a long time, and after a lot of discussions.

Don’t mistake a lack of school education with being simple, their Education starts from the day they are born and story telling is actually considered as ‘work’.  Their stories are colourful, they are steeped in imagination, and they are about special events in the peoples history and their life’s.  They are deceptively smart, and have a great sense of humour.  What they don’t have is the patience for people that don’t listen to them, people that treat them like children, and people that can’t do anything constructive for their Community.