I just love fair dinkum Aussie comments.

Like a bunch of bogan shoppers, we’re first at the front door of the Kmart spring sale to sign up for this year’s junk fashion, evidence-free “science” featuring a global tax economy based on an irrational hatred of the human race.  The Australian political “elite”, overrun by zombies of what used to be called the extreme left, are a laughing stock in the world outside of the UK and Germany, which are similarly afflicted by this periodic anti-civilisationist scourge last seen in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s. We must survive the ranting window-smashers and car-burners of Gaia who have left their ancestral home in Nimbin to trash our public life…. This was  a collage by way of intro to an excellent Australian Climate Madness Post.  Tom, Luke Warm, Gunna and Baldrick take a bow!

It’s really strange to see them so hell bent on pushing this legislation through. They must know it is electoral suicide for the Labor Party. I reckon they must have a fair inkling that the ‘science’ behind the policy is very suspect. They must be aware that most other significant economies are either only paying lip service to the CO2 abatement policy or are moving away from it. I can only presume that Labor are ramming this legislation through because the Greens are holding a gun to their head: “pass this or else election now”. The alternative, that Labor believes in catastrophic man-made global warming is just not plausible. They’re not that stupid, surely?
And Senator Milne says, “This is great day…You have no idea how excited people, particularly young people, are across the country right now.” Just where are all these excited people? C’mon, show me?  All the young people I know of are happily living at home with their parents, cushioned from the reality of life while their parents pay all their bills (or subsidise them), buy their groceries, buy them new cars, pay their insurances etc, etc. Are they excited because during all their school years they’ve been fed with “save the planet” guff and now they probably think they’ve made a difference with no clue on how it will affect real society?She’s probably referring to the Young Communist League … oh sorry … the Young Greens. Where groups of young, enthusiastic and progressive activists can sit around a campfire singing kumbaya whilst wearing a tin foil pyramid for a hat.


With the carbon tax bills being introduced to Parliament, the government is doing its best to ensure that there is as little debate as possible. Greg Combet, difficult to like at the best of times, is at his most arrogant, contemptuous worst:

“Tony Abbott’s misinformed people, deceived people, told lies about things,” he said. [Better not mention the lies in the government’s ad campaign then – Ed]

“I don’t expect the Coalition to make much in the form of a constructive debate.”

The Coalition claim that there is no where near enough time to debate the complex bills, with each member only having a minute to debate the 18 bills. Combet explains helpfully:

“That’s all rubbish,” Mr Combet said, adding the bills would be debated as one piece of legislation. [That still is only 18 minutes per member for one of the most complex changes to our economy in Australia’s history – Ed]

Mr Combet said there had been 35 inquiries into climate change [all of them fudged or fixed – Ed].

“It really is time we got on with it.”

“Time we got on with it.” I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Just imagine Labor’s outrage at a minority Coalition government with no mandate, which broke an express pre-election promise to force through a hotly contested piece of legislation and then stifled proper democratic processes in Parliament by cutting short the debates. We’d have Combet, Gillard, Albanese and all the other Labor attack dogs shrieking from the rooftops. Tony Abbott responds:

Mr Abbott said it would be a “travesty of democracy” for the Government to rush its legislation through Parliament, especially as it had no mandate for a carbon tax.

He vowed to repeal the laws once a Coalition government was elected, despite concerns it might cause disruption to business.

“It’s never disruptive to get rid of a bad tax,” he told ABC Radio.

“It’s always advantageous to reduce business costs and they don’t want this tax and if they get it, they will want to be rid of it as quickly as they possibly can.”

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