Many people want the Green/ALP government out of office, now if not sooner. While it seems certain that the Liberal Party will easily take office at the next election they do need to make sure that they don’t become overconfident. As fed up as people are with the Green/ALP a Liberal victory may not be written in stone.

The graph is of real Australian GDP growth. It shows, unequivocally, why we are way ahead of any other country in the world economically at present. It shows how present good fortune and the benefits of relatively stable past policies (read: the Howard Government) can prop up even a government with no real idea of what it is doing (read: the ALP regardless of who’s in charge).

The single, unequivocal reason for that good looking graph is continuous demand for Australian mineral exports from China. That would have occurred regardless of who was in government.

It underlines just what a disservice John Howard did for the Coalition government back in 2007 when he obstinately refused to contemplate any amelioration of the unacceptable elements of the Work Choices package. This was the one thing which tilted what would otherwise have been a reasonable (if not exciting) win for the Liberals to a clear victory for Kevin Rudd.

The degree of angst among the Liberals, when they reflect on how they could have enjoyed the past five years of a continuous mineral boom in government, is apparently quite high.

And past memories of Work Choices are still working against the Liberals. In 2010 the ALP and unions were just as successful in reminding people of Work Choices as the Liberals were in pointing out what a disaster for Australia ALP governments are.

What is now working in favour of the ALP is how the new Liberal governments in New South Wales and Queensland are behaving. The NSW premier seems to be trying to stay popular by leaving in green legislation that is costing people their livelihoods while the QLD premier cuts costs to the point he even cut funding to schemes that benefit Queensland and pay for themselves.

It has been suggested that these governments are previews for what will happen at the federal level if the Liberals win the next election.

There are some conservatives who do not want to accept that Work Choices was one of the main reasons for the Liberals defeat in 2007 and their inability to gain a majority in 2010. While they will say anything in its favour Australia has already said they are against it.

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard recently said current Liberal leader Tony Abbott needs to get tough on industrial relations. He’s not the first to do this, former Liberal minister Peter Reith has said the Liberal Party should be pushing for the Howard Government era’s Work Choices legislation.

Never mind that it’s what cost the Liberal Party government and unleashed the current disaster Australia is suffering under.

The 2010 election should have been unlosable for the Liberal Party, they actually did poll a few more seats than the ALP but it was Work Choices that prevented them from getting a clear victory and allowed the ALP to do a few self-serving deals with the Greens and a few so called independents.

It would appear that those who are keen to have Work Choices back are simply ignoring the real cause of the Liberals 2007 and 2010 defeats.

Generally people weren’t dissatisfied with the strong Australian economy and secure borders. They couldn’t have been upset with the Superannuation co-contributions or the setting up of the Future Fund.

It was Work Choices. It went too far. Few disagreed many of the past excesses such as holiday loading had to stop as well as requiring several people to do a job easily done by one but then it went too far the other way.

2013 is the election where the ALP finally has got to go. While the Liberals are favoured to win there are several factors working against them. One of those factors should not be the party faithful making comments that will antagonise a large part of the electorate.

Now more than ever people are fed up with the deception prevalent in politics and the contempt politicians often show the electorate.

The Liberal Party needs to prove that they will work with Australians for Australians, not deceive them then slash and burn everything and add to the misery that the Green/ALP governments have already put many of us through.

Do we need Fair Work Australia? No. It has little credibility anymore, get rid of it. Are some industrial relations laws unfair to employers? Sure and they should be adjusted but then the Liberals have to resist the temptation to take it too far or we will never be rid of the ALP and their excesses.

Australia needs stability again and the Liberal Party has already shown they can run Australia and properly plan for the future while the ALP has shown they only care about themselves.

The Liberals could do it again and a fair balance between workers and business can be found.

If they do that it’s likely we would never hear of an ALP government ever again.