As most of my Tea Party friends would know,my main focus is usually US  and Australian national politics.
But today I thought I’d give everyone a little insight into the state of play here in my home state of Victoria.
After a decade of socialist rule,last year our State saw the election of a Liberal-National Party coalition government led by Premier Ted Baillieu.His opposite number & the less touted leader of the socialist Labor opposition is Daniel Andrews MP.

After the euphoria of the election win,the new government was faced with a massive debt inherited from the previous government.A debt made worse by Labor’s two massive ‘white elephant’ projects – the billion dollar Mykey transport ticketing system & the bottomless pit commonly referred to here as the new desalination plant.

The new year however, has not been kind to the L+NP either.There have been no bold new policies,no business friendly reforms & no rolling back of looney left wing policies left over from the last government.On the industrial relations front.First the police & now the nurses have both waged sucessful industrial campaigns to ensure large pay rises over the next 5yrs.And already the State’s teachers are threatening strike action to get their way. Now I must stress, this is solely my opinion & not necessarily that of our hard working Tea Party team, but for my money the Baillieu government has been particularly insipid,and that’s even allowing for the financial mess inherited from the previous socialist government.

Baillieau has ‘caved in’ to union demands on every occassion,has failed to introduce any meaningful budget cutting measures & has not championed a single Conservative cause that I am aware of at this point. The state L+NP have renegged on promises to scrap Mykey,the union gravy train that is the desal plant continues unhindered & tax payer money is squandered at every turn.Particularly galling amongst those is the waste of state finances on radio & tv ads that are little more than glorified commercials for the current Victorian government. The Baillieu government also doesn’t appear to be fiscally conservative & frankly don’t seem to be socially conservative either.They are effectively little more than beauracrats & a pale imitation of the Labor government they replaced last year.

The only positive in this whole sad mess is the fact that incompetant L+NP governments like the one in Victoria right now,pave the way for the Tea Party to influence the debate among the L+NP base & thereby move the party onto the path of fiscal sanity.Failing that,it will at some future point,leave the door wide open for the Tea Party to flex it’s electoral muscles.This is especially true at a time when the Nation is crying out for a genuine electoral alternative to the current 2 party system.